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February 2009

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Images featured in this month's Tarot horoscope are from the Thoth Tarot. Support by purchasing this deck via this link to Amazon.

Image from Thoth deck used with permission Aries
(born March 21 - April 19) UNFURLING
Last month was a time of igniting your inner fires, and unifying yourself into a central field of vision. February offers you a time of delicate unfolding in your new awareness. February will see a beautiful unfolding of your spiritual and emotional gifts. You have magnificent talents of healing, and this time promises a revealing glimpse into untapped potential. Swim deep in your inner reflective pools. Dive into the depths of unfathomed, Absolute divinity within you. As you come back to the surface of awareness, you bring with you a renewed sense of purpose. It will require furrowing deep but the ascent will reveal amazing new insight. It's all about growth of a gradual, organic natural kind for you Aries. Roll with it, and step into the magnificence that is you. Spend this month consider the kindling for your inner flame. Ask yourself what kind of food will you offer to nurture your inner awareness this month? Extra Tip: Consider the transformative powers of the Swan this month in your re-awakening process.


Image from Thoth deck used with permission Taurus
(born April 20 - May 20) SPIRALING
January gave you opportunity to solidify and tie down a lot of loose ends. This month sends you spiraling back out with new endeavors and projects that will lead to some surprising, but successful results. February invites you to entertain a new way of thinking about your work and home. Rearrange your furniture at home. Maybe consider utilizing energetic Fung Shui in the house and office. Clear out looming clutter in the home and office too (I know, I know?I recommended this last month, but the "clearing" theme keeps popping up). Get serious. If you haven't used something in three months, ditch it. Why? Because success spirals out from initiating actions like these. When we act with purpose, results will be equal to our fervor and intent. February beckons you to purposefully clear the way for new enhancement in matters of home and finance. Make room, and roll out the red carpet. Company is coming in the form of family and monetary gain. Pay extra special attention to the last quarter phase of the waning moon (2/16 thru 2/24). This will be a time of filling your proverbial cup to the brim. Extra tip, consider the symbolism of the spiral for guidance.


Image from Thoth deck used with permission Gemini
(born May 21 - June 20) PARTNERING
January saw a time of rebirth and renewal for you. Now is the time for integrating that aspect within the whole. I realize Geminian nature can be duplicitous. February asks you to accept those aspects of duality and focus on unifying the separation you may be encountering in your life. Whether you are experiencing separation in your love life, or within your own heart (a conflict in thought, decision or life direction). We all have light and dark sides, and that's okay. The key is incorporating both the light and the dark to create a congruent masterpiece that is our life. Interestingly, when we gain tranquility with our inner duality, our outer polarities (i.e. rifts in relationships due to opposing positions) begin to comply and integrate into beautiful harmony. Pay attention to February 6th and 7th. These days will be particularly auspicious for balancing out any contrasts you're experiencing. Extra Tip: Look to the symbolism of water as you begin to nurture yourself into a stream of unification.


Image from Thoth deck used with permission Cancer
(born June 21 - July 22) STAND
Last month you took a risk, and came out of your shell to express some amazing new aspects of yourself. February asks you to make good on that expression. Stand tall dear Cancer, and hold yourself up in a firm belief that what you are doing is righteous, true, and remarkable. This isn't time for bustling action in your endeavors. On the contrary, this month will see you standing stoic in your cause. Hold the line. Keep your footing. Stand your ground. Your metal will be tested this month (particularly 2/13 & 2/14 where you'll feel a little ripple in your waters). Fall back on the discoveries you gained last month. Think back to those special revelations that surfaced for you. Now stand firm on those, realize the value of your time, place and unique perspective. Above all, I urge you to not fall victim to criticism and outside naysayers. Go within, and you are so eloquently equipped to do, find the opalescent jewels sparking there, and keep your psychic eyes focus on that inner beauty that is uniquely yours. Extra Tip: Consider the symbolic foundation of the number four to help convince you to stand strong in the name of your deepest passion.


Image from Thoth deck used with permission Leo
(born July 23 - August 22) SWITCHING
January saw you in a compromise, and I realize this term doesn't sit with too well. Some of you cleverly found your way into balance last month; others kind of went into a tailspin. February asks you to take a different tact. So it's all about flexibility this month. It feels like you've been repeatedly running up against the same brick wall, confident one of these times the wall will finally give way and crumble before you, finally allowing you access to the other side of your hurdle. The sign of the times right now asks you to walk around the wall. Just side step it. Do you best to find different ways of dealing with your conflict. This quote from G.I. Gurdjieff keeps ringing in my ears for you dear Leo: "Today is what it is because yesterday was what it was. If you want tomorrow to be different, you must make today different." Keep up the good work, and keep the faith, just go about your actions differently. Any kind of difference. It can be as simple as driving a different route to school or reversing the order of your filing. A shift has got to take place, and the "battering ram" approach isn't working. Pay close attention to the new moon (that's Mardi Gras, 2/24) this will give you a great opportunity to shake out the anxieties and start with a fresh mind. Extra Tip: Contemplate the sparkly labyrinth-like pathways nestled inside the diamond symbolism this month. Consider how all its right angles cause it's glorious reflective properties.


Image from Thoth deck used with permission Virgo
(born August 23 - September 22) EXPECTATION
Last month prompted you to take some pretty bold actions. You've got a pragmatic way about you that logically (and understandably) says "I've done my part, now I am expecting results." And there's nothing wrong with that stance. February, however may give you results that might not precisely match up with your idea of what you deserve. Don't get discouraged, and don't be disappointed if what you're getting isn't what you planned for. Instead, tap into that genius ability of yours to adapt and be flexible with the results you're getting. You've got a brilliant way of turning your perspective around. February asks you to get innovative, and dig around for the seeds of potential you know are available to you in this situation. Ride it through misconceptions with your usual class and style, you will see your glass become full again. Also, keep your eyes on the horizon after the full moon this month (2/9), this may be the crack in your perspective you need. Relationship matters are taking an upturn after the full moon too. Extra Tip: Contemplate the symbolism of the heart. Specifically, see it as a vessel in which you can carry your emotional waters of endless potential and love for those around you.


Image from Thoth deck used with permission Libra
(born September 23 - October 22) CHOICE
You've got a few tricks up your sleeve, and February is going to be a time of choice. Which rabbit are you going to pull out of your hat? Go back to the drawing board and make a list of pros and cons pertaining to each option you are considering. This might not lead you to a single answer, but it will certainly re-organize your mind and allow you to focus on the beautiful synchronicity of events that brought you to this significant time and place you are in right now. And speaking of synchronicity, now is the time to rely more heavily on your faith and intuition as you're making decisions about your future. Close your eyes and visualize your symbolic astrological moniker: The scales. See yourself right in the middle of those scales. Trust in your ability to keep the balance, and make the choices that honor your highest good. You've got impeccable insight. You're choice will bear the beautiful fruit of truth. The end of this month will begin to reveal those buds of truth. Just be sure to assign the task of discernment to your faith and intuition. These tools will serve you the highest. Extra Tip: Contemplate the duality of the rose and its thorns as you move through the month of February.


Image from Thoth deck used with permission Scorpio
(born October 23 - November 21) REVOLUTION
Last month I invited you to adopt a different strategy in your intentions, and employed the old "change is good" cliché. February will put your strategies to the test. In fact, you'll see yourself moving through a whole cycle of changes this month. If you've employed new strategies in business, you're going to see the results of those new tactics this month. This is a time where you will clearly see the wheat separated from the chaff. What do I mean by that? You are going to see what is working, and what is not. Drop the projects that are clearly not serving you. Pick up the endeavors that hold promise. I know, this sounds like common sense and I know how you hate vague ambiguities. But as you move through the cycles of this month, the light bulbs will come on, and you will know exactly what I mean. Just buckle up, get ready, February is going to rock and roll. Extra Tip: Consider the balancing properties of the yin yang symbol as you move through your changes. This symbolism may bring you a certain assurance and flexibility as well as discernment in your choices this month.


Image from Thoth deck used with permission Sagittarius
(born November 22 - December 21) LOVING
-Ever heard of the term "love what you do, do what you love?" That's this month's theme. And, how fitting the Lovers card makes its debut for you in the month of lovers. Just another example of the synchronicities Sag's are experiencing right now. Indeed, friendships and relationships will take on a new level of depth and sincerity between the full and new moon. Cupid's arrow is pointing at more than just your relationships. Love and passion for work and new projects is blooming too. You may recall my encouragement for patience last month. That patience is going to pay off in February. You've conceived some amazing new endeavors, and February is going give the seeds of your ideas a grand send-off. The only thing required of you is to continue nurturing those remarkable ideas with your attention and that dreamy sense of imagination you have. Be bold, keep the billows of imagination blowing on those wonderful projects you've got in the fire. February promises to give a blessing to your plans. Extra Tip: Focus on some of these sun yantras, and even work up some meditations with these unique symbols. They're sure to keep your creative sparks firing, and keep your egg of creativity well fertilized through the end of winter.


Image from Thoth deck used with permission Capricorn
(born December 22 - January 19) LEVERAGE
Last month I asked you to indulge me in stepping out to embrace the intangibles of potentials available to you. You'll be happy to know February will hand you concrete results emerging from the realm of the unseen. The cycle of possibilities and unseen opportunities have not yet run its course, however. February asks you to continue an openness to new ideas, particularly in matters of love and relationships. You'll be able to get a bit more grounded around the 19th-21st as this will be a time of recognizing how your strengths can play to your advantage. Use your influence to get what you want before the month is finished. You're going to gain some valuable insight that will allow you to step up and impress others with your expertise. February calls you out of your staunch position, and asks you to step up to your natural valor. Wield your weapons of scrutiny, intellect and strategy to get what you need in both financial and relationship matters. You're on a great role here, keep leveraging for the best and highest in your life. Extra Tip: Keep the fires burning by contemplating the realm of solar animals. Pick a fire animal that resonates with you and incorporate its attributes into your love life!


Image from Thoth deck used with permission Aquarius
(born January 22 - February 18) SATISFACTION
You certainly can get satisfaction, and a lot of it is rolling its way to you this month. If you recall, January hinted to a time for grounding and taking stock of the simple things. I hope you got your bearings, because February will have you overflowing with new ideas, travel, adventure and fantastic opportunities. Things are going to move fast for you this month too. I encourage you to stay rooted in your primary vision. Don't loose focus the things you've set your sights on. Keeping anchored in your prime ideals will keep you stable during the shifts this month. Get your game face on too. February gives you a sense that life is a game, and only the most cunning players get to have the most fun. If anybody can play the game with fine intellect and casual style, it's you. Enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your reality shift as you play by your own special rules. And, be prepared to make a toast to your accomplishments. This month makes you the talk of the town! Extra Tip: This month sees you flying high, so gain perspective and keep balanced by contemplating the expansive, yet grounding nature of trees.


Image from Thoth deck used with permission Pisces
(born February 19 - March 20) FOOL
Last month saw you at the foot of new beginnings. February asks you to take the next natural step in your personal evolution. It's time to up the ante in matters of personal image and business. This is going to require hard work on your part. Practical stuff like strategy, refining your skills (maybe getting more education in your field of expertise), paying attention to business details, making more efforts in marketing (including self promotion) are all on the "to do" list for this month. And, you'll need to keep working on nurturing the plans you started in January while tending to all these other practical details. Don't get overwhelmed. Stay focused on your unique gifts. You are remarkable, and the plans you are hatching cater to that inherent remarkability. And, don't forget to use your intuitive gifts in your activities. You're a natural psychic, use it to enhance your goals. Extra Tip: Contemplate the gifts of the lily as you move through this month. They neither toil nor spin about progress, and you shouldn't either.


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It should go without saying these messages are given in the spirit of love, and best intent.

Disclaimers are a real bummer, and I refuse to dampen the fun with strict fine-print. Just know these Tarot horoscopes are my personal perspectives. You are 100% responsible for everything in your life...not me, not these 'scopes...YOU.

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Permission for image use from the Thoth Tarot deck granted by US Games, Inc.

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