Free Tarot Horoscope January 2009

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Images featured in this month's Tarot horoscope are from the Osho Zen Tarot deck. You can support by purchasing this deck via this link to Amazon..

Note: Each month, I will feature images from a different deck to keep the journey fun, and inspiring - so keep connected with me for more great monthly tarot horoscopes!

Image from Osho-Zen deck use with permission Aries
(born March 21 - April 19) INTEGRATION
Activate that pot-belly stove in your spirit and light a blazing fire within. I'm talking about burning up the concept of separation and limitation this month. Visualize all barriers melting away into a warm span of harmony. Now is the time to bring a sense of wholeness. Direct your charm, warm energies, and sparkly wit into areas you've perceived strict borders. Integration is the watch word for January. Unify thoughts. A united self is more apt for smoother sailing than when thoughts are chopped up and spread all over the place. Extra tip: Contemplate the gifts of the Uroboros this month.


Image from Osho-Zen deck use with permission Taurus
(born April 20 - May 20) COMPLETION
Are you feeling a sense of completion and finality this month? If not, get ready for some closure. Many pieces of a long-standing puzzle will be put in proper places this month. Seeking solutions by looking out with childlike eyes - seeing through the lenses of wonder will further help in sealing loose ends. January asks you to be open to closure. That sounds like a paradox, but ever-connected Taureans know what I mean by that. Spring cleaning may come early this year, expect a helping hand in this "clearing out" around the 20th. Extra Tip: Contemplate the symbolic meaning of eyes this month.


Image from Osho-Zen deck use with permission Gemini
(born May 21 - June 20) REBIRTH
The crisp January nip in the air brings about a clarity for your already bright-eyed senses. Use this clarity to gain sturdy footing in matters of vocation. Incorporate more creativity in your work. Do you play an instrument? Ever wanted to? Start playing more, or start learning now. Listen to your inner child too. This is a time for renewal and breathing in new waves of fresh air. The vitality of your youth is calling strong to you, and will serve you in all areas of your life. There's a hump in the middle of the month, but know it's merely there as a reminder to be a bit more conservative. When you have the urge to over spend or over indulge, heed the call for practicality. Extra Tip: Contemplate the symbolic gifts of the Lion.


Image from Osho-Zen deck use with permission Cancer
(born June 21 - July 22) FLOWERING
Come up out of the watery depths you've been lurking in dear Cancerians! Now is the time to unfold your colorful, creative skills into a blossom wonder that will knock the socks off of the people you're trying to gain attention from. You're not one to fully unfold though, and that's okay. Visualize a protective bubble of light around you, while expressing your originality fully. This will give you that openness you need, while protecting you at the same time. Seriously, let your hair down, and show your unorthodoxy. Now is the time to reveal a side of yourself that few rarely have the pleasure of knowing. Extra Tip: Consider colors of the chakras, and visualize inner-energy moving up and down through the chakra color scheme.


Image from Osho-Zen deck use with permission Leo
(born July 23 - August 22) MISER
You're in a juxtaposition. One the one hand you want to flourish, and spread out your gorgeous opulence - showing off your majesty. On the other hand, you feel pulled to conserve your energy, and be a little stingy with your time, money and generosity. What to do? Compromise. Wear your crown, knowing you are absolutely born of royal blood. Bring out your most favorite and cherished aspects (weather it be your finest jewelry, or your most prized golf clubs). This will allow you to walk down memory lane, recognizing the finery that has been awarded to you in the past. At the same time, resist over-spending. Being miserly this month is easier when you remember the treasures you already have. Extra Tip: Consider the regal peacock in your ruminations this month.


Image from Osho-Zen deck use with permission Virgo
(born August 23 - September 22) REBEL
Break those chains you've deluded yourself into believing in which you have to be bound. You know better. There is no limit to the accomplishments you can achieve. But, you've got to go about your plans in a bold manner. This is where the resistance may reveal itself. You're not always accustomed to raising your creative voice among the crowd. It's okay, give it a try this month. Break away from those limiting fears of temerity. You're no shrinking violet, and you know that. Now it's time to but those brilliantly bright brushstrokes onto the canvas of your life. You've got plenty of support. Go for it! Extra Tip: Consider the high-flying, unabashed and beaming attitude of the Falcon while pursuing your dreams this month.


Image from Osho-Zen deck use with permission Libra
(born September 23 - October 22) INNOCENCE
What fine beauty and calm ripples of assurance run through your energies this month! Keep riding the cool air-stream of serenity that you've been encountering lately. And, if you haven't hitched a ride inside that current of well-being, have faith, the scales will be tipping in your favor soon, and tranquility will be at your feet in no time. Your insured that sense of contentment when you focus on the simple pleasures afforded to you. Simple be, and let magic come to you. No need to go looking for it. It will come to you, I promise. Just be, and open yourself with childlike wonder. Messages of comfort will come from unexpected places, but the will indeed come to you when you settle into the wonder that surrounds you at every turn. Extra Tip: Consider the symbolic personality of the praying mantis and how it applies to your current life experience.


Image from Osho-Zen deck use with permission Scorpio
(born October 23 - November 21) POLITICS
You've always got a bit of a side-game playing in the back of your mind, and that's okay. This month however, be careful not to mislead anyone in your speech or actions. If you go about your days with the intent to pull a ruse, you're going to get strangled by your own devises. Instead, continue to play your cards, but adopt a different strategy. Realize you can catch more flies with honey than manipulating them (flies aren't easily manipulated, you know). Keep your game face on, everything will play into your hands nicely. Just keep it light, have honorable intentions in what you wish to accomplish. Change is wonderful, and you're just the person to lead new change - but do so with the high integrity. It will be best for everyone if you do. Extra Tip: Sleek themes of subtle movement, and shedding out of old behavioral patters will be more clear when you contemplate the symbolism of the snake.


Image from Osho-Zen deck use with permission Sagittarius
(born November 22 - December 21) ABUNDANCE
You may not see it with your physical eyes, but to be sure, a landslide of gifts is on your horizon. Be patient (I know, easier said than done). Sit back in confidence, the dreams you've been working to see manifested into reality are peaking out this month. All you need do is take tiny bits of action to tip the scale and gently push these dreams into being born. If you've been working on your scholarly pursuits, pick out a nice filigreed frame for your new degree. If you've been focused on travel, get your passport updated. If you've been concentrating on bringing about a more vibrant, passionate feel in your relationships, gussy up your interior d├ęcor. The avalanche of bounty is coming, just keep preparing for it. Extra Tip: Let the Bodhi tree tickle your imaginative fancy this month. Use it as an oracle, it will delight you.


Image from Osho-Zen deck use with permission Capricorn
(born December 22 - January 19) POSSIBILITIES
Just like our Leo friends, you've been stuck between a rock and a hard place lately. January will see new opportunities for you, but you're going to have to tighten your focus on the potentials available to you. You're quite resourceful, but when it comes to intangibles, you don't want any part of it. This month asks you to place some faith in the unseen. The sun still rises every morning, even though you can't see it at night. I invite you to have the same attitude with the possibilities on your plate right now. Dream a little, exercise your imagination, recognize there is no limit to the path you're on. Extra Tip: Consider the brilliance of the sun, it's stability as well as its luminosity. Use the sun as a symbolic cornerstone for your thoughts this month.


Image from Osho-Zen deck use with permission Aquarius
(born January 22 - February 18) ORDINARINESS
The term "ordinariness" and Aquarius is indeed an oxymoron. But, I'd like to invite you to load some sandbags in your air balloon, and bring yourself down to earth just a wee bit for the month of January. Ordinariness doesn't have to mean "boring." On the contrary, we can find the most spectacular miracles in the mundane. Look to the simplest items and occurrences in your life for inspiration. Find poetry in one simple snowflake. Seek bliss in a blanket. Uncover an epic in a mathematic equation. See, you can still find eccentricity in ordinary things. Take comfort in simplicity. Extra Tip: Flowers may hold a peculiar fascination for you this month. Even if you're clutched in the grips of winter, go to a greenhouse or botanical garden. The symbolic language of flowers and the soil they are grounded within will speak volumes to you this month.


Image from Osho-Zen deck use with permission Pisces
(born February 19 - March 20) FOOL
Befitting of a month rife with new beginnings and resolutions, I invite you to embrace the new journeys ahead of you with abandon. This month will carry some amazing awakenings for you. Areas in your life that were unbending and held stagnation will break away into new avenues of possibilities and personal growth. You're no stranger to taking risks, so you'll likely step right in time with opportunities coming on your path. Pay closer attention to your intuitive impulses. You're highly connected to begin with, just keep a ear close to your psychic whisperings. It's one thing to embrace change, but quite another to be played a fool because you haven't listened to your inner guidance. The fourth quarter and new moon (1/17 - 1/26/09) will reveal keen clarity, and enhanced intuitive insight for you. Pay attention. Extra Tip: Consider the unfolding and symbolic messages of the rose during your visionary journeying this month.


I hope you have enjoyed this free Tarot horoscope for this month, January 2009. The card images are used with permission from the Osho-Zen Tarot deck (gorgeous, aren't they?). If you simply must have this deck (like I did :-) You can support by purchasing this deck via this link to Amazon.

It should go without saying these messages are given in the spirit of love, and best intent.

Disclaimers are a real downer, and I refuse to dampen the fun with strict fine-print. Just know these Tarot horoscopes are my personal perspectives. You are 100% responsible for everything in your life...not me, not these 'scopes...YOU.

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