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Opening the Tarot Door

"If our minds are glorious mansions,
and our spirits are the surrounding landscape,
then the Tarot is a doorway
revealing a wide realm of ever-increasing
beauty, insight, and mystical experience." --Avia Venefica

card images from the Aquarian Tarot deck

All humanity is intimate with the idea there is more to our lives than what meets our eyes. We instinctually strive beyond the limitations of the five senses.

From the fuzzy edges of our psychic vision we see glimmers of events that intrigue us...

  • Where do we go for clarity when these glimmery subtleties appear?
  • How can we get perspective when we are faced with questions about ourselves, our community, our future, present and past?
  • Upon what may we rely to provide us guidance when we are still yet unsure of our own worth and power?
tarot answers

They may not be the answers we want to hear or we may misunderstand them, but answers are always available to us.

Absolutely, the Tarot serves as both message and messenger to vital questions we have about our lives. But the Tarot is not the end-all, be-all of oracles.

Tarot is an effective tool.

Just as a painter commands the brush and a sculptor masters the chisel, the Tarot is another tool in an arsenal of resources we can use for our personal development and understanding.

This website is devoted to
individuals who use their own
minds, hearts and faith as their
primary navigation system
and desire to use the Tarot to
augment their natural growth.

Additionally, Tarot Teachings is committed to re-establishing the honorable, timeless wonder that accompanies the use of Tarot.

The goal here is to restore this esoteric art form back to its original beauty and organic grace.

Over the course of time this website will provide a wealth of in-depth information and proven techniques that will broaden your understanding and allow for psychic advancement.

In the meantime...explore, enjoy, expand.

Bright beams,

Avia Venefica TM signature line

Illustrations from the Morgan-Greer, Hanson-Roberts, Rider-Waite, known also as the Rider Tarot and the Waite Tarot, and Aquarian Tarot decks, reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA. Copyrights © 1993, 1985, 1971 and 1993 respectively by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Further reproduction prohibited. The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® is a registered trademark of U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

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Tarot Teachings.com
Tarot Teachings Update page is a quick access to the most recently published information about the Tarot and Tarot card meanings listed this website.

Meaning of Tarot - Defined
The meaning of Tarot is widespread, but this page can narrow down some perspectives for you.

Understanding a Tarot Deck
Understanding a tarot deck is easy when you know all the parts the make the sum. This page is an overview of the Tarot deck and its sections.

Tarot Card Meanings of the Major Arcana
A brief writing on the Major Arcana with links leading to all Tarot card meanings of the Major Arcana

Court Card Meanings in Tarot
Introduction to the royal family, includes a list of links to all the court card meanings in Tarot deck.

Minor Arcana Tarot Card Meanings
An introduction with links to all Minor Arcana Tarot card meanings.

Tarot Card Suits
Learn about the four Tarot card suits and their meanings. Includes a comprehensive chart with Tarot suit associations.

Tarot Wands - Catch the Spirit
This Tarot wands introduction page provides valuable information on the suit meanings. Includes quick reference chart too!

Tarot Pentacles - More Than Meets the Eye
A quick-reference chart and deeper meanings of the Tarot pentacles to assist in your readings and interpretations.

Tarot Swords: Double-Edged Meanings
Improve your Tarot readings by wielding a broader understanding of the Tarot swords suit.

Tarot Cups - Overflowing with Meaning
Let your senses be filled and your heart overflow with the meanings found in the Tarot cups suit.

Understanding Ace Tarot Cards
Understanding ace tarot cards in a deck is an essential as they introduce the mood of the suite. Find out more about ace tarot card meanings here.

Symbol Meanings of the Tarot - Introduction Page
Over 100 Tarot symbols and their meanings! Understanding the symbol meanings of the Tarot is a prime key to clear interpretation.

Aspects of Reading Tarot Cards
A portal page for all the different ways and aspects of reading Tarot cards.

Tarot Layouts and Tarot Spreads
Portal page for a list of Tarot Layouts and Tarot Spreads offered by A. Venefica

Tarot FAQ and other Questions
Tarot FAQ is a central location for common (and not so common) questions asked about the Tarot.

Meanings of Colors in Tarot Cards
Enhance your understanding and readings by delving into the meanings of colors in Tarot cards.

Tarot and Astrology
Describes how Tarot and Astrology are linked together and how combining these two oracles can enhance your perception and readings.

Number Meaning of Tarot Cards
Augment your readings and broaden your horizons by utilizing the number meaning of Tarot cards.

Meaning of Numbers
Understanding the meaning of numbers plays a key role in effective Tarot interpretation. This page takes you to individual number meanings all of which will offer amazing insights in the Tarot.

Tarot and Crystal Meanings
Tarot and crystals are perfect compliments to each other. Incorporate Tarot and crystal meanings in your readings and enjoy "crystal clear" perspective.

Tarot Meanings Dictionary A - G
Tarot Meanings Dictionary A-G. Get tarot definitions and look up commonly used Tarot related terms

Tarot Meanings Dictionary H - P
Tarot Meanings Dictionary H-P. Look up common terms of the Tarot and tarot definitions. Also includes terms associated with the Tarot

Tarot Meanings Dictionary Q - Z
Tarot Meanings Dictionary H-P. Look up common terms of the Tarot and tarot definitions. Also includes terms associated with the Tarot

About Avenefica
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Tarot Teachings Site Map
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Tarot Teachings Newsletter

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