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Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Morgan-Greer Tarot card, the Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Key Words for the Ace of Pentacles:

  • Reward
  • Safety
  • Grounded
  • Fresh Start
  • Improved Status
  • New Responsibility

The ace of pentacles Tarot card meaning pertains to new buds of opportunities awaiting you in areas of money, health, career, material gain, and other areas of practical matters.

As the initiator of the suit of pentacles, the ace kicks off the beginning of all the bounty pentacles represent.

Thoth Tarot card, the Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning This card is an incredible encouragement in a reading when we are hoping for signs of improved finances and promotions on the job.

In matters of love and relationships, the ace of pentacles Tarot card meaning indicates stability, increased trust, and new/stronger bonds made in an existing relationship.

This card calls the loudest to investors, planners, teachers, those with health issues, as well as those who are looking to turn over a new leaf in their lives. For these people, this card should represent big victories coming their way.

Key symbols pertaining to the ace of pentacles Tarot card meaning:

hand symbol meanings for the ace of pentacles Tarot card Hand: We see this symbol in all the aces, and in each one the hand represent a slightly different meaning. In the case of pentacles, the hand is symbolic of generosity. It is a reminder that in order to get what we want (in this case: wealth, job opportunites, health, material gain) we must also give. The hand symbol meaning in this cars is a strong reminder that we must be givers and not all takers. To only receive without giving is a violation of natural law, and may be our demise.

rose symbol meanings for the ace of pentacles Tarot card Rose: In the Morgan-Greer rendition (shown at the top of the page) the rose is stands out and is an integral aspect of the ace of pentacles Tarot card meaning. A long-standing symbol of purity, promise, and beauty. The rose symbol meanings deal with the promise of new beginnings and hope. We must also take the thorns into consideration - with the promise of new hope, we may have to endure a few stinging thorns (painful ordeals) along the way. Overall, the rose is a poignant symbol of the beauty that is ready to unfold within each of our hearts, and a reminder that we must take the opportunity to savor the beauty around us.

click for a larger view of all cards with an cloud symbol

Clouds: In relation to the ace of pentacles Tarot card meaning, clouds are symbolic of allowing material gain and positive health into our lives after enduring a time of uncertainty. Clouds in this card are also symbolic of gifts bestowed upon us from seemingly out of nowhere. This is a reminder that we should rejoice in not only what we have, but what is right around the corner too. It is when we hold the thought of joyful expectation when we are likely to receive most abundantly.

Granted, the ace of pentacles Tarot card meaning is about gaining the physical means in our lives we desire, and as such it is a very promising card in our spreads. However, the querent must keep in mind that these gains do not magically appear overnigt, from out of nowhere.

Raider Waite card, the Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Although material abundance and positive health may come to us from unexpected sources and with unexpected timing, we can be 100% sure there was something we did to spark the gift of abundance in the first place.

The ace of pentacles Tarot card meaning reminds us that we are human, and sometimes it takes work to get what we want. This card also reminds us that we must be flexible and keep ourselves in a positive state of allowing in order to receive the material gifts available to us.

Some points of contemplation about the ace of pentacles Tarot card meaning:

  • New business and/or financial deals are encouraging
  • Consider alternative ways of healing
  • Do the ground work on a new project. Results won't come without applying elbow grease first.
  • If you've done all the work, now is the time to expect the grandest results!
  • Enjoy what you have - be grateful for the things that are in your life right now. This paves the way for more beautiful abundance to come!

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