Knight of Pentacles Meaning

Knight Of Pentacles Meaning

About Knight of Cups
Meaning in Tarot

The knight of pentacles has things to say. What if he spoke all his thoughts to you, face-to-face? As you go through this card’s meaning, imagine the knight of coins is speaking directly to you in the first-person.

The Knight of Pentacles – In His Own Words…

“I am the Knight of Pentacles and this is my story.

Our kingdom is pretty prosperous and harmonious. Part of that well being is because of my determination to make sure things work as they are supposed to.

Some keywords from the Knight of Pentacles:

  • Loyal
  • Handy
  • Bossy
  • Honest
  • Simple
  • Steady
  • Worthy
  • Patient
  • Faithful
  • Practical
  • Generous
  • Steadfast
  • Protective
  • Pragmatic
  • Functional
  • Industrious
  • Materialistic
  • Conventional
  • Hard working
  • One dimensional

As the Knight of Pentacles, a great deal of responsibility is in my charge. I never feel burdened by it. I enjoy hard work and being in control. It makes me feel important and part of something grander than myself.

I work well in the community, but I feel my natural role is that of a leader. I know I have a tendency to be pushy or bossy, but I can’t help it. I just want to be sure everything is done correctly and in a timely way.

I am fiercely protective, both of my family (particularly my sibling, the Page of Pentacles) and my community. I will do whatever it takes, including sacrificing my own life for the sake of guarding the people who are dear to me. Unlike some Knights, this chivalry is not a matter of honor. It’s just who I am.

Because I am vehemently protective, people feel safe around me. I have a propensity to attract “damsels in distress” which is fine, but sometimes these personalities can be needy, and they expect more from me than I am able to give.

Knight Of Pentacles Meaning
Knight Of Pentacles Meaning (his story as told in the first-person)

I am more of a physical man rather than an emotional one. Therefore, in relationships I can seem flat or one-dimensional. As much as I would like to provide emotional depth, I just don’t feel it’s integral to who I am. I am a simple man, a man of action, and purpose. Being the Knight of Pentacles is more important to me than being somebody else.

Friends and family call me materialistic. This might be true, although I haven’t given it much thought. I do enjoy my home, my possessions and the finer things. However, I work very hard for these things, and believe I deserve them. I have no sense of entitlement (in spite of my royal status). If I want something, I expect to work for it.

As the Knight of Pentacles, I am depended upon to serve my king and country, and I do so with deep loyalty. I am honest and extremely responsible in my duties. I may go about my tasks laboriously because I prefer the tried and true way of doing things.

Unlike my Page sibling, I am not very inventive. But I am industrious, and I like to put conventional, pragmatic planning to good work. This is why I admire our family vineyards. Here I can taste, touch and observe centuries of traditional methods reaping fruitful results.

I have a dark complexion and dark hair. People find these traits attractive in me, and I have no troubles in the social arena. I rather think my looks are average. I look a lot like a younger version of my uncle, the King of Wands. And, like he, I can dress in common man’s clothes and none are the wiser as to my aristocratic status.

When I pay you a visit in the Tarot cards, I’m likely going to tell you to get back to work at protecting your assets. My season is the summertime, and as any vineyard owner will tell you, it’s the season of endless chores. Resting on laurels is not an option. The good news is, all that hard work will pay off.

Yours truly,

The Knight of Pentacles.”

Some symbols from the Knight of Pentacles:

Knight Of Pentacles Meaning Horse

Horse: Featured on all the knight cards of the Tarot, the horse symbol meanings deal with strength, motion, action, and vitality. Linked in many ancient traditions with the four elements (fire, water, earth, air) the horse is also a strong spiritual symbol and an emblem of incorporating all the elements to maintain an equal, powerful balance with all things in the universe. This is evident in the “either/or” nature of the knights. In a more mundane sense, the horse has a predisposition to have a charging nature. In a reading, this gives us pause to consider where we are charging to and why. Get more about horse symbolism here.

symbolic garden and field meaning in Tarot

Plowed Fields: “As we sow, so shall we reap.” This is the prime symbol meaning behind the plowed fields we see in the cards. When these fields come in contact with our intuition in a reading, we should be mindful that what we do and how we do it is pivotal to our harvest. If we’re lazy and sloppy (rushing through as the Knight of Pentacles is want to do) with planting our seeds we will be disappointed with the results. However, if we invest the time to plant, nurture, and grow our rows, we will be rewarded with abundance. Plowed fields are also a symbol of time – it takes time to reap our rewards, we must allow for germination, and patience is required as we wait it out for the results we are expecting from our labors.

King Of Pentacles Meaning Yellow

Yellow: The color yellow is symbolic of intelligence as well as cheer, satisfaction, and all-around contentment. Corresponding with the Manipura chakra, also known as the solar plexus chakra, yellow is an anchoring hue dealing with core issues in our lives. That which is at our emotional center is worth paying attention to. In the nine of cups, yellow represents our emotional well-being. See also color symbolism and the Tarot page here.

Some questions the Knight of Pentacles asks us:

  • What do you want, and how are you going to get it?
    Remember, I am the pragmatist. I am the one who is going to make you hoe the row so your crop of your material desires will manifest for you.
  • What is worth protecting?
    Odds are, you already know the treasures in your life. But, if you are neglecting them, I might remind you to pay closer attention to what you hold valuable.
  • Are you being true to yourself?
    I might show up in the cards when you need a reality check about who you are, and who you cannot be to others. People might want you to be a certain way. Forget it. Just be you, that’s the best gift you can give to yourself and others.
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