Developing a Spiritual Growth Plan

Spiritual Growth Plan

What is Spiritual Growth? How important is it? What is its significance in life? How do we plan for its growth? We will be discovering all of these questions today. 

Understanding Spiritual Growth

Let’s start by understanding what is spiritual growth. 

When we think about growth, what components of growth do we take into account? Spiritual growth is the growth of one’s inner self and soul. Spiritual growth focuses on purifying and developing yourself from within and focuses on the aspects of you beyond physical reach and realm. It is a type of growth that heals you from the very root level of cosmic energy that has created you.

For most, mental growth and physical growth are the most obvious and observable. These two components are taken into focus more as their physical and their growth is visible. In the world of materialistic satisfaction, we are consumed by just improving the external looks and how we appear to one. We can study at a university or read a book, and determine our mental growth.  But total evolution cannot be achieved by concentrating on physical and mental development alone. Very often this motivates one to consider focusing more on spiritual and inner growth. 

The significance of spiritual growth can rather be felt more than seen. The fact that spiritual growth contributes to one’s holistic growth and development has been completely forgotten by many leading to a lack of long-term happiness and satisfaction. It’s understandable, as developing spiritual wholeness isn’t always measurable as physical growth, and it does take a commitment to advance spiritually. And if you’re honed in on how others see you or always trying to please others, this might come at the sacrifice of your spiritual growth.

Spiritual Growth Plan
Spiritual Growth Plan

What is a Spiritual Growth Plan? 

A spiritual growth plan is a systematic way of preparing a blueprint for spiritual growth. This blueprint contains the pointers on daily schedule-wise practices, principles, ethics, and morals for exercise. Regular practice of this blueprint will eventually become a habit that can set one on a path of spiritual development.

Irrespective of what religion one follows, we all believe in energy beyond the scope of scientific measurements and logic. This very cosmic energy has shifted the course of the earth since the land became habitable and even before it. Our inner soul resonates with these cosmic energies and to nurture our inner spirit, we are required to constantly tune our practices to match the frequency of our spirit with the divine. Caught up in all the chaos, one sometimes forgets to do this and our spirit falls out of sync halting the spiritual growth of one.

Post Implementation of the Spiritual Growth Plan 

The execution of a personal spiritual growth plan will reveal the flaws in one’s life and give a quality check of one’s core self. The plan will help you to

  1. Get deeper insight into yourself
  2. Understand core flaws and improve them
  3. Diminish the mirage or illusion of life
  4. Recognize your inner demons and challenge them
  5. Improve your inner landscape and boost self-confidence
  6. Help balance your life and help you feel more stable
  7. Gain closer connection with your higher self/higher cosmic power

Once these things begin to reveal themselves to you, you can implement spiritual healing techniques to treat them and support your Spiritual Growth.

Spiritual Growth Plan
Spiritual Growth Plan

Techniques to Nurture Your Spiritual Growth

There are many ways to enhance spiritual development.  Here are a few useful and effective practices that will help you start your spiritual growth plan.

  • Meditate every day, ideally for about a half hour
  • Consult the tarot for daily guidance and intuitive development
  • Consciously calm yourself and stay mindful whenever you get impulsive
  • Understand that your capacity is beyond what your physical or mental self portrays
  • Stay optimistic, and maintain an attitude of gratitude
  • Connect with nature for grounding and balancing
  • Conduct conscious, purposeful breathing exercises to connect body, mind and soul
  • Keep faith in yourself and your higher power to sustain will power and balance
  • See things from a macro universal perspective to diminish the value of smaller worries. In other words, see the “big picture” to minimize daily frustrations

Every spiritual growth plan differs and it can be customized as per your individual needs. These basic principles will help you to construct your own blueprint of a spiritual growth plan that works well for you.  At the end of the day, growth in all areas (body, mind, and spirit) yields ultimate and complete growth within you, leading to a fuller, more satisfying life.

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