Aspects of Reading Tarot Cards

Aspects of Reading Tarot Cards

Aspects of Reading Tarot Cards

When it comes to aspects of reading Tarot cards, it’s refreshing to note the ways and techniques to reading are limitless. There are seemingly endless aspects to reading Tarot cards because there are infinite variables.

Not only can we choose different decks for different readings; we can also select from a myriad of spreads to assist us in defining our areas of interest.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Consider all the mind-numbing details within the cards themselves. From symbols to colors, numbers to astral significance – each card has a multitude of meanings. The Tarot can even be linked with crystal attributes, alchemy symbolism, and chakra balancing.

There are infinite resources to assist us in reading Tarot cards. Why use different aspects of reading Tarot cards? Because it makes way for a more intricate, meaningful message when we do.

If we only spout out keywords for each card in a reading, we enter into a drone-like state and as such, we are not doing ourselves justice. Simply regurgitating keywords from the little books that come out of the decks isn’t quite fair to you, your querent, or to the art of Tarot reading.

Aspects of Reading Tarot Cards
Aspects of Reading Tarot Cards

Treat yourself while paying a little respect to the craft by familiarizing yourself with one or many aspects of reading Tarot cards. You’ll find it broadens your perspectives, and opens your intuition to undreamed of heights. And if you opt to hire a tarot reader, be sure you vet them out so you can get the reading experience you deserve.

Astrology and the Tarot
Describes how Tarot and Astrology are linked together and how combining these two oracles can enhance your perception and readings.

Colors and the Tarot
Enhance your understanding and readings by delving into the meanings of colors in Tarot cards.

Crystal Meanings and Tarot
Tarot and Crystals are perfect compliments to each other. Discover how incorporating crystal meanings with the Tarot can lead to “crystal clear” perspectives.

Dream Interpretation with Tarot
Can we use the Tarot to determine dream meaning? Absolutely. Get some tips on how to do it here.

Numerology and the Tarot
Augment your readings and broaden your horizons by utilizing the number meaning of Tarot cards.

Tarot and Celebrating Holidays
Get more insights from the tarot on special occasions such as Halloween and Samhain.

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  1. This was very helpful. Thank you avia. I was wondering about reading time-frames in the tarot. do you have any insight on this?

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