King of Wands as a Lover

by Chris

King of Wands as a Lover

King of Wands as a Lover

Hi Avia, I love your website.

I was wondering about your description of the King of Wands. It does not mention his relationship with his wife like the descriptions of the other Kings do. But you have a reference to Alexander the Great; is he gay or confused?

I'm asking for a reason. I'm a writer and I have a story idea, an erotic fantasy idea that takes place in the Emperor and Empress' castle. I'm reading descriptions of the court cards to get an idea of what kind of lovers they would be.

Thanks for your help,

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Nov 08, 2010
King of Wands as a Lover - Response
by: Avia Venefica

Hi Chris,

More than any of my other websites or writing, I really "went native" with my Tarot site. Most of the writings were done completely from "The Dreamtime" (a crazy-keen state of consciousness). As a writer, I'm sure you can relate to that "zone."

The occasional downside to this is that sometimes vitals get left out.

King of Wands (or Rods if you prefer) actually has the most voracious sexual appetite than any other of the Kings. I giggled a little at Alexander the Great's rumored homosexual propensities...but really, it's not too far off the mark.

The Wand King will assert is amorous appetite on just about anything. His sexual verve is mammoth (and seemingly unquenchable if not recognized and maturely tempered). Men, women, goats - it's all fair game for this King.

Consider the suit in which he rules....Wands/Rods are ancient symbols of assertion, initiation...and yes, even symbolic of the phallus.

This ancient history behind the Rods goes a long way in our understanding this Kings compulsion to engage, insert, assert, and drive on. From the beginning of time our ancestors have assigned one line (a stick, a stave, thrusting protrusions) as a male (drive/phallus) symbol (whereas "o's" round orifices designate female openness).

As a lover, the King of Wands could go one of two ways:

1) He could be completely sex-obsessed which may take on a selfish nature in the role of his partnering with the Queen.

2) He could channel his natural need for sexual assertion, and be the most attentive, doting, satisfying love partner the Queen could hope to have.

This is where interpretations of the Tarotist, and the querent (one receiving a Tarot interpretation) comes into play. Depending on whom the reading is given will indicate the flavor of sexual tendency (whether selfish or tempered).

The Kings represent seasoned maturity, and so we would hope in older years this King would have mastered his sexual appetite and channeled his passion into a "slow burn" in the winter of his years. However, if he (namely the querent) has not learned vital lessons in the prior seasons of his life, a less healthful approach to sex/loving relationships will remain - even in old age.

Hope this helps with your creative process!

Nov 08, 2010
Thanks Avia!
by: Chris

Thank you!! That was very helpful. And it gives me some insight into the Knight of Wands as a lover.

Thanks again and I love your ALL your websites!!


Feb 01, 2011
enticing the King of Wands
by: Anonymous

when this card is pulled to describe the outcome of your relationship with someone, what does it mean, and how do you entice them?

Jul 21, 2011
if King of Wands comes with relation to career
by: Nikhil

Just day before yesterday I did this spread for my sis career query. The king of Wands came for the position marked for Future outcome...What does this card..when it relates to a career query indicate??

Oct 10, 2012
what type of woman does king of wands like girly needy or indepedant intelligent lady NEW
by: Jen

Hi there,
He keeps coming up as the guy for me in readings and I know who it is also. Could you please tell me what type of lady this man would go for what is his type. I myself am very independant but also would not be needy or stupid for any man and have self-respect. I think the king of wands in slow to commit from what I can see but also seems a bit cock sure of himself it seems...

thanks :)

May 30, 2013
Attn Jen NEW
by: Anonymous

If the cards say he's your future man, & your intuition is saying the same thing. Then it should not matter what type of woman he likes. The cards would never advise you to change yourself for anyone, the cards only advise us to change ourselves for the better of ourselves. Everything we read in the cards are but a reflection of ourselves. If you feel as tho your confused in understanding your reading, there may be more to your spread then your willing to see. I know this is an older post, but I hope all went well for you Jen....Remember, just be u!!

May 30, 2013
king of wands <3 NEW
by: Anonymous

Thank your for writing the lovely message and replying to the question. Funny still in waiting room. I just wanted to know more about the personality of the king of wands is he a nice type of guy etc. He comes up a lot for me but then again may not come to be so wouldn't get hopes up.

May 30, 2013
king of wands <3 NEW
by: jen

Thank your for writing the lovely message and replying to the question. Funny still in waiting room. I just wanted to know more about the personality of the king of wands is he a nice type of guy etc. He comes up a lot for me but then again may not come to be so wouldn't get hopes up.

Mar 04, 2015
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Mar 04, 2015
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