Queen of Swords Meaning

Queen Of Swords Meaning

About Queen of Swords
Meaning in Tarot

If you could scoot up next to the queen of swords, what would she say to you? Here are a few ideas. This is written in the first-person from the queen to give you an intimate message as to her meaning and messages. As you go through the meanings of this queenly personality, imagine she is speaking directly to you.

The Queen of Swords – In Her Own Words…

“I am the Queen of Swords and this is my tale.

I have high expectations for my children. Equally high are my ideals for the people of my kingdom.

Some keywords pertaining to the Queen of Swords Tarot card:

  • Alone
  • Proud
  • Regal
  • Strong
  • Driven
  • Intuitive
  • Focused
  • Sensitive
  • Beautiful
  • Educated
  • Effective
  • Obsessed
  • Structured
  • Calculating
  • Controlling
  • Demanding
  • Dominating
  • Independent
  • Authoritative
  • Commanding
  • Uncompromising

It takes a certain rigidity to face the gravity of my responsibilities. This kingdom of Swords is often a place of conflict. I wield my intelligence and discernment to gain justice.

Justice is my aim. I am no stranger to the darker sides of the human mind. I know how errant thought can bring about weakness, scandal and rot in a society. My watchful eye is vigilant.

I have a gift in seeing all injustice and dishonesty, even if it is a faint flicker on the horizon. I view corruption in others as a personal assault. Thus, I will root it out, extinguish it and will have order restored.

As the Queen of Swords I must hold myself with high dignity. I demand compliance for the better good of the kingdom, and I will be respected in my authority.

The reward for loyalty is my kindness. And, those who are in my favor are among the most honored in my realm.

It is my nature to be kind, although I do not have the luxury of revealing this facet. In my position, showing softness is considered a sign of weakness, and I must always gird myself, remaining regal, and strong to my subjects.

Queen Of Swords Meaning
Queen Of Swords Meaning (her story told in the firs-person)

As the Queen of Swords, my station is a lonely one. However, I am accustomed to solitary. Indeed, my isolation has caused me to be extremely independent.

Because of my independence, I rarely seek counsel from outside parties. I trust my own intuition implicitly. I am rarely wrong about my instincts.

When I am not governing or consumed with the responsibilities of my family and subjects, I spend my time in academia. A sharp and trained mind is a sign of a well-developed and skilled woman.

One of my children once commented that I seem distant and sad. This cut me to the core. Truth be known, deep beneath my waters moves an unbridled heart, filled with passion and sensitivity. To be sure, my waters run deep.

But the warmth of my love must often be cooled in the face of my duties and obligations. If, having a streamlined, organized and effective rule means trading a bit of emotion for austerity – so be it. As the Queen of Swords, I cannot compromise.

My advisors have told me that in my elderly years I will be able to devote more attention to the softer aspects of living that churns within me. Until then, the tending of the gardens of my tenderness will have to wait. For now, being the Queen of Swords permits nothing to prohibit the proper rearing of my children and kingdom.

I have dark hair with equally dark eyes. I am told I am beautiful, but I give this little attention unless it serves me in royal negotiations. I have noticed I have a strong jaw bone (mirroring my strong will). I tend to be heavy-set, but this is to my advantage because it gives me more presence. I seem larger than life when I walk into a room. My presence is such, people would be compelled to bow to me even if I were not queen.

Should I visit you in the cards, I will tell you get your affairs in order. Set about organizing your thoughts. Untidiness, disorder of any kind is unacceptable. The time for play and farce is after the tasks at hand is accomplished. You may balk at my austere ways, but I tell you, they are effective in results. Further, my tactics, although forceful, always command respect.

Yours truly,

The Queen of Swords”

Some symbols in the Queen of Swords Tarot card:

butterfly Meaning in the Tarot

Butterfly: A universal symbol for transformation. Butterflies are shown on the queen and king of sword cards, and typically indicate a change in the thoughts of the querent, or someone close in the querent’s life. Butterflies go through several changes and transformations before they develop into their final state of beauty. They are a symbol that we as humans do the same thing to reach our end goal and to obtain a better way of thought and living. Get more about symbolic butterfly meanings here.

King Of Swords Meaning Clouds

Clouds: Clouds hold the symbol meaning of revelation. Consider out of the mists of our deepest thoughts suddenly an epiphany comes, a bright idea comes out from nowhere – this is the basic cloud symbol meaning. Depending on the card, clouds can also symbolize confusion or clouded judgment. Primarily, clouds represent higher thought and messages from the divine. Get more about cloud meanings here.

Rose meaning in Tarot

Rose: A long-standing symbol of purity, promise, and beauty. The rose symbol meanings deal with the promise of new beginnings and hope. We must also take the thorns into consideration – with the promise of new hope, we may have to endure a few stinging thorns (painful ordeals) along the way. Overall, the rose is a poignant symbol of the beauty that is ready to unfold within each of our hearts and a reminder that we must take the opportunity to savor the beauty around us. Get more about symbolic rose meanings here.

Queen Of Swords Meaning Waterfall

Waterfall: Water is a symbol of emotion and the subconscious. Therefore, waterfalls deal with the constant running and flowing movement of our emotions and the stirring movements of our deeper minds. Observing the nature of waterfalls, we see they typically move at such a rushing speed that they tend to take everything with them in their path – rocks, trees, any debris in the midst of a waterfall is subject to its pull. This is symbolic that we must not let our emotions run away from us. Further, the waterfall leads to a plummeting drop and a crashing end against jagged rocks. This is a lesson that when we are not in control of our emotions and thoughts then they control us – potentially leading us down a rocky demise. More about the symbolism of water here.

Questions the Queen of Swords asks:

  • How do you rule your roost?
    Are you the boss, or do you let your children and subordinates walk all over you? You can rule without being a shrew. Let me remind you how to rule with intelligence and noble stature.
  • How would you behave if you were always being watched?
    As the Queen of Swords, I am always watched and scrutinized. There is no room for error, slouching (mentally or physically) or folly. Enforce high standards for yourself and maintain these even in your private hours. The practice will give you a regal presence.
  • Can you recognize appropriate timing?
    Although I rule with an iron fist, I am not blind to the need for leisure. There is a time for everything. Organize yourself to allow seasons of learning, recreation and labor.
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