King of Wands Meaning

King Of Wands Meaning

About King of Wands
Meaning in Tarot

The following is an account of the king of wands as if spoken in the first person. I thought it would be a neat way to gain a better and personal understanding of this card’s personality. So while you go through the king of rods (wands) meanings, read it as if the king is speaking to you himself. I hope you like the perspective!

“I am the King of Wands and this is my legend.

I maintain my people with high-spiritedness and integrity. I have high family values, and my perception of family is extended to every person in my realm (not just my wife, and children).

Some keywords from the King of Wands:

  • Honest
  • Liberal
  • Creative
  • Integrity
  • Effective
  • Integrity
  • Trustworthy
  • Harmonious
  • Conscientious
  • Compassionate
  • Entrepreneurial

I am an innovator, and I enjoy trying new things in my kingdom. As the King of Wands, I listen to my people when employing new systems of law, communication, and beautification within my kingdom walls. I believe the best ideas come from the people who are intimate with the work. For example, the farmers are the ones with the greatest ideas of improvement in agriculture, so I listen to them and find better ways to work the land for my people’s common good.

I am also a visionary, and I use the arts to express my forward thinking. In fact, the realm of wands is the most advanced art community in the Tarot because I heavily endorse the cause of artistic expression.

I combine a unique blend of spirituality and artistic expression to create an atmosphere of harmony in my kingdom. In fact, compared to my brothers (the other Kings of the Tarot), the people under my rule are harmonious and peace-loving. I can’t take all the credit for that, but I believe I maintain an honest rule, and the people recognize that thus making a peaceful existence possible.

King Of Wands Meaning
King Of Wands Meaning

Tarot historians compare me to Alexander the Great. Indeed, I do have immaculate skill in areas of strategy, determination and unifying people for a common goal. I have a keen gift at “seeing things from the end.” Meaning, I can visualize the end result and work backwards to attain that goal. I believe the power of the mind is greater than the power of the fist.

I am also extremely flexible and adaptable, and this serves me well in moving my strategies and people in the proper direction effectively.

My eyes are fixed on the western skies as I am always looking for accomplishment in my endeavors. As the King of Wands, I always have the final word and I emphasize my authority with passion, generosity and honesty.

My appearance belies my aristocracy because my looks are quite average. Indeed, in the regular dress, I can blend in among the common people. I have reddish-brown hair, a strong jaw, and I tend to be burly and ox’ish in my build. My eyes are my most telling feature. Changing from greenish to copper depending on my mood, my eyes are soulful and deep. They express my penchant for honesty and bright thought.

When I show up in your cards, I am the authority figure that encourages innovative, entrepreneurial leadership. The kind of leadership that is uncompromising in honesty. I will encourage you to take the righteous route to your goals and lead with the highest intent and equally high moral standard. Honesty, creativity, and soulful purpose are my watchwords.

Yours in camaraderie,

The King of Wands.”

Some symbols from the King of Wands:

King Of Wands Bird Meaning

Bird: (Note: In the King of Wands cards for only some deck renditions) The symbol meanings of the bird addresses higher thoughts and matters of the spirit. They are creatures of the air, so they symbolize higher ideals. They also represent freedom and ascension. When the bird symbol pops out at us during a reading it is a message that we are rising to a higher level, that we need to free ourselves from bondage and we must make our hearts light. Get more about symbolic bird meanings here.

King Of Wands Lion Meaning

Lion: Signifying one of the four fixed signs of the zodiac, lion symbol meanings deal with strength, courage, royalty, and protection. Much like lightning, the lion is viewed as both savior and destroyer in ancient cultural myth. The lion is a bit of a paradox – while standing as a symbol of spiritual valor it is also a symbol for the beastly needs of the flesh. When the lion roars at us in the cards we are encouraged to consider the level of our courage. Are we seated in faith or flesh? Are we protecting others or ourselves? Are we being strong or just stubborn? Get more about symbolic lion meanings here.

King Of Wands Lizard Meaning

Lizard: With symbol meanings of renewal, vision, enlightenment, and rebirth, the lizard makes its appearance on the male court cards in the suit of rods. The lizard (or salamander in some renditions) suns itself on these cards to signify the importance of vision in the midst of the action. In fact, in ancient times (particularly in alchemical lore), it was believed that the lizard renewed its sight by looking into the sun. A symbol of demure perspective in the face of monumental physical force – the lizard is a tiny reminder that big results come from small, conscious efforts. More about lizard meanings here.

Some questions the King of Wands asks:

  • Do you lead with integrity and honesty?
    Do not compromise in this area. Your success in leadership depends on your integrity
  • How adaptive and flexible are you?
    As much as I love tradition (especially family traditions), I keep my mind and strategies open to new ideas so I can rule with flexibility. With focus, you can too.
  • Are you a spiritual leader?
    You do not have to be an evangelist to spiritually lead. Just lead by honor and humility.
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