Bird Meaning in Tarot

Bird Meaning In Tarot

Bird Symbolic
Meaning in Tarot

Tarot symbols in the form of birds can be extremely enlightening to our readings. This article is about the symbolic attributes of birds found in the Tarot.

I love it when birds fly into my vision during a Tarot reading. It says my client is in a good place for inspiration and higher communication.

Because birds belong to the realm of air – their symbolism deals with thought, communication and matters of the ethereal realms. Check out my page on the symbolism of the suit of swords (which deals with the air element) for more about symbolic meanings of air.

Bird Tarot Symbols – Meaningful Keywords

Bird Meaning In Tarot
  • Hope
  • Ascension
  • High ideals
  • Inspiration
  • Higher thought
  • An Aerial view
  • Lightheartedness
  • Divine communication
  • Navigation of thought

I can appreciate how birds are creatures of both air and earth – and this speaks to us about discernment. Keep this in mind when bird fly into your interpretations.

Birds as Tarot symbols are liaisons. Like angels, they relay information back and for from the sky (heaven, divine realms, unconsciousness) to earth (matter, practical realms, consciousness). Birds will tweet sweet messages to you and your client about divine information. Indeed, bird were considered to be divine messengers and communicators in esoteric schools of thought.

In specific terms, the bird is shown in two major Arcana cards: The World and The Wheel of Fortune. In the context of these two cards, the bird is symbolic of one of the four fixed zodiac signs. It’s usually depicted as an eagle and represents Scorpio.

In summary, birds are messengers and liaisons. Bird tarot symbols are a sign of messages to come.

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