Creating a Space to Read Tarot

Creating a Space to Read Tarot

When creating a space to read the Tarot there are a few key things to take into account.  First, are you reading for a client or yourself? Second, what space makes you feel comfortable? 

It’s easy to say you need a formal space to practice Tarot, but if you are doing basic daily readings just for yourself and don’t have a lot of space, a formal space to read Tarot isn’t necessarily required.  You simply need somewhere quiet where you can focus. 

However, if you want a more formal sacred setup or will be working one on one with clients in a room, then this should hopefully give you an idea of what to do to create the perfect sacred Tarot space.

Creating the Right Energy

The first thing to look at is creating the right energy in the space to read Tarot. If you are working with clients you may want to look into getting a ‘do not disturb’ sign to put on the door in order to ensure you don’t get disturbed halfway through a reading.  The point here is that it’s important to keep distractions in your reading space as minimal as possible.

Also, look at the space you’re working with, take into account where you will be laying the cards out, and any seating you have.  The typical setup tends to be with one chair for the reader and a chair opposite for the client.

Decorate the space with candles, pictures and other things that fit your personal taste.  Maybe have crystals nearby that help you to focus.  The important thing, however, is to keep the space you’ll be reading in free from clutter. 

Keep only the necessary equipment you need to do a reading.  Tarot tables tend to be fairly small and many simply cover it with a nice fabric cloth and maybe have some crystals or flowers on the table so there’s plenty of room to do a variety of spreads.

You should also consider smudging or smoke cleansing your space.  This clears out the energy and purifies the environment. Smudging is especially important when you are creating a space to read Tarot for clients. 

Creating a Space to Read Tarot
Creating a Space to Read Tarot

Setting Your Energy and Intention

Next, you need to think about the individual readings.  Take some time to make sure you are in the right headspace.  If you are working with a client try not to take any stressful calls or deal with any important business for ten minutes before the appointment so you can center yourself and focus your mind on the client. 

You need not do any complex rituals to create this mindset, try using meditation to ground yourself and use active breathing to keep you in the moment. Have a clear question in mind, whether your own in a personal reading or one from the client. 

Make sure the client is clear on their request and what their goal is.   If they seem agitated or distracted try and get them to relax by encouraging them to take some deep breaths and perhaps telling them to write down their thoughts and put them aside for now.

Remember, this should be a safe space for any clients you have.  Build a rapport with your clients and start with a casual conversation to help break the ice and put the client at ease.  Never share any of the details a client tells you and build up trust.  If you do this not only will the reading go pretty well but you’ll also build a trust that means you will probably see some repeat clients. 

Creating a Space to Read Tarot
Creating a Space to Read Tarot

Final Thoughts on Creating a Space to Read Tarot

Overall, finding a space to read Tarot doesn’t need to be a hassle.  For most, simply making sure in the moment you have a quiet space with anything you may need nearby: deck, tea, blanket, water, table, and tissues are pretty much the basics.  You can also add crystals or some uplifting decorations.  If you work with the elements or deities you may want to have some representations in the space for you to be able to closely work with them.

If you’re looking for a more formal setup, then you will abide by your style, budget, and taste to set up your space to read Tarot. In terms of reading for clients, you need a professional space to work with them if you can.  

Create an uncluttered space for doing the actual reading, but feel free to decorate according to your style for the rest of the room.  Make sure you aren’t disturbed and always set your intentions before doing a reading.  If you do this you’ll find client readings become easier to manage and may in fact bring you repeat business.

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