Psychic Abilities

psychic ability and Tarot

Psychic Abilities and the Tarot

“Dear Avia Venefica, your readings and interpretations are awesome. My psychic abilities are getting stronger, and I want to help others learn about their psychic powers too. I use the Tarot to increase my intuition, but I feel there is SO much to learn! What are some other things I can do to can gain more psychic ability and help others too?” ~Beth in North America

Hi Beth,

You’re right, there is much more to learn. Our learning is infinite. The ever-changing nature of the Universe guarantees it.

You are acknowledging your psychic abilities, and increasing your awareness through Tarot. Excellent. Keep laser-focused on your progressive awareness and stay grateful for the unfolding.

Gaining intuition (with Tarot or otherwise) happens when we consistently take steps forward to that end. Even seemingly insignificant steps culminate into big results.

One of my mentors used to say: “We show up, we are willing, we are patient, we are devoted.” Those have been stepping stones that have yielded significant results on my path (namasté Ruth).

psychic ability and Tarot
Psychic Ability and Tarot

Each path is different. I can’t say what will click with you, but I’m happy to share a few things that help me:

  • Meditate
  • Be patient
  • Never give up
  • Know yourself
  • Stay in the present moment
  • Live in compassion (for self and others)
  • Question everything to your satisfaction
  • Read, research, study…the path of knowledge never ends
  • Meditate (I already mentioned it, but it’s really important 🙂
  • Go within (seek answers within yourself, not outside of yourself)

Lastly, a word on helping others with your psychic ability. This is wholly admirable. It’s also a massive responsibility. It requires daily practice as well as faith, discipline, love, patience and equanimity. It also requires a commitment & a devotion to yourself even before you help your first person.

It’s an inward journey first, then we walk outwards.

You are beautiful and divine – it’s evident in your question. Stay the path, and the next step will reveal itself to you. Promise.

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