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Queen Of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

About Queen of Wands
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The following is an account of the queen of wands as if spoken in the first person. I thought it would be a neat way to gain a better and personal understanding of this card’s personality. So, as you read through the queen of wands meanings, imagine as if the queen is speaking directly to you. Hope you like the perspective!

“I am the Queen of Wands and this is my tale.

My children can be a wild bunch and I’m the one they turn to for temperance. It is me who serves as their spiritual advisor. I have a calming way about me that soothes even the most ruffled feathers.

It’s a good thing, because the fire in my clan can make everyone in my household hot blooded, and tempers run high. I assuage bruised egos, and serve as the mediator in heated debates.

Queen of Wands Personality traits:

  • Kind
  • Poised
  • Patient
  • Faithful
  • Intuitive
  • Truthful
  • Generous
  • Nurturing
  • Balancing
  • Well-liked
  • Comforting
  • Humanitarian

It has taken time to cultivate these aspects of myself. I have learned the ways of connection, balance, and spiritual prudence through age and maturity. I have observed the behaviors of my mate and brood, and learned that fighting their fire with fire, is ineffective compared to cooling them in kindness.

This is not to say I am without temper. On the contrary, the color in my cheeks rises high when my authority is usurped, particularly when my faith is challenged. But rather than retaliate, I have found subtle tactics like charm, humor and talking down challengers in a low, calm voice to be much more productive.

Queen Of Wands Tarot Card Meaning
Queen Of Wands Tarot Card Meaning (first person account)

I have devoted my life to the ways of spirituality and creativity. I love tending to the seeds of spirit, and I plant these seeds in a quiet persistent way within the people around me. All my words have an underlying meaning, and I speak with purpose. My subjects might only hear my surface speech, but I am purposefully planting seeds of well-intent within their hearts as I speak.

I love my people and my family. As the Queen of Wands, I love to be among my people, and be seen by them. I know they adore me, and find me to be beautiful, noble and true. When I observe this in them, it’s extremely satisfying.

I think my people adore and emulate me because of my humility and my ability to listen. I make everybody feel special and needed, and I never discount the ideas of another. Everyone has a voice, and everyone has spiritual value to offer. I like to listen for that value and encourage its growth within each person.

As the Queen of Wands, I serve with honor, and I nobly keep harmony and balance in my kingdom.

My beauty is legendary, and I realize my attractiveness is part of my effectiveness. I have strawberry blonde hair, typical of my fiery clan, and my eyes are like cat’s eyes: Amber, wide, and magical.

It’s more than my nobility that gives me a presence of refinement and stature. Rather, my natural objectivity, grace, balance allow me to move with quiet, elegant confidence.

Poise is my natural state, not because I feel I must put on a mask. Far from it. My transparency and humanity combined with my royal status is what makes me magnetic.

Cordially yours,

The Queen of Wands”

Some symbols of the Queen of Wands:

Queen Of Wands Tarot Card Meaning Cat

Cat: Cats deal with watchfulness, awareness, and perception. Shown on the queen of rods card, the cat is a message that there are energies at work that we may not be aware of, but we can certainly tap into. Cats are also a symbol of psychic ability. In a reading, the queen and her cat will make a point that the querent must keep his/her poise (keep your wits about you) and be aware of all sides to the story in the situation relating to the card reading. Note: You might not always see a cat with the queen of wands, but you will definitely see one in the traditional Rider-Waite deck. Get more about cat symbolic meanings here.

King Of Wands Lion Meaning

Lion: You might not always see the lion with the queen of wands, but in the traditional Rider-Waite deck, you see lions on her throne. Signifying one of the four fixed signs of the zodiac, lion symbol meanings deal with strength, courage, royalty, and protection. Much like lightning, the lion is viewed as both savior and destroyer in ancient cultural myth. The lion is a bit of a paradox – while standing as a symbol of spiritual valor it is also a symbol for the beastly needs of the flesh. When the lion roars at us in the cards we are encouraged to consider the level of our courage. Are we seated in faith or flesh? Are we protecting others or ourselves? Are we being strong or just stubborn? Get more about symbolic lion meanings here.

Queen Of Wands Tarot Card Meaning Sunflower

Sunflower: If you’ve ever observed this happy flower, you’ve noticed that its head always looks to the sun. This is the message of the sunflower “always look to the light” for the answers and guidance you seek. When the sunflower nods at us in a reading it is time to look away from the dark (negativity) and look to the light (positive) side of things. It sounds cliche, but keeping on the “sunny side” as the sunflower does assure a more sunny disposition. Get more about sunflower symbolic meanings here.

Some questions the Queen of Wands asks of us

  • What are your natural gifts?
    Just as my calming aura is a natural gift, you have similar radiance. Together, we can discover these indwelling gifts.
  • What if you had no sense of entitlement?
    I would be queenly without being a queen. Let me show you how to be regal on your own merit.
  • Do you utilize temperance as a tool for spiritual, intuitive growth?
    Take my hand, and I will share how balance and patience nurtures the growth of spirit. In turn, the growth of everything around us is insured.
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