Nine of Cups Meaning

Nine Of Cups Meaning

About Nine of Cups
Meaning in Tarot

I’m writing this interpretation of the nine of cups Tarot card meaning at the beginning of the new calendar year. How fitting. Ideally, the new year is a time to reflect upon the ground work we’ve laid in the past year, that sets us up for achievement and growth for the future.

The nine of cups is commonly called the “wish card.” Many practitioners (including myself) shirk at this label. It’s not the wishing that puts us in a position of gaining our fondest desires. It is knowing our value, and knowing we’ve pre-paved our own way on the path of success ensures the realization of our desires.

In a reading, the nine of cups indicates we are fully aware of our value and are prepared for the benefits of that knowledge. Simply put, this card tells us we’ve made savvy investments (primarily self-investment), and we are now “setting pretty” to receive our just desserts.

Some Keywords for the Nine of Cups Tarot Card Meaning:

  • Knowing
  • Success
  • Pleasure
  • Assurance
  • Allegiance
  • Satisfaction
  • Confidence
  • Congruency
  • Sitting Pretty
  • A Sure Thing
  • Proclamation
  • Preparedness
  • Consummation
  • Accomplishment
  • Emotional Intelligence

By viewing the suit of cups as a chronological time-line (from the ace of cups to present card), we can intuit the journey to this place of confidence, assurance and satisfaction have been rife with plenty of challenges.

This is why our figure head in the nine of cups looks cocky. Odds are, if this card comes up in a reading you have a reason to be cocky too. If not now, then soon enough because the nine of cups indicates a persistent aim for progress in soul development.

I’m particularly drawn to the “X” motif found in the shirt laces featured in the (center card image) Morgan-Greer version. These x’s whisper of trials and sorrows having crossed our hearts along our way. Nonetheless, we are now in a position of having overcome those setbacks.

Nine Of Cups Meaning
Nine Of Cups Meaning

We wear those memories as markers of courage. Now stronger and positioned with knowledge that only comes from life-experience. There is no stopping the fulfillment pouring into our lives.

The feathers featured in this card is also a point of intrigue. Feathers deal with levity, and higher ideals. Jaunty feathers featured on our card character’s hat is symbolic of high-mindedness. Further signification that this card hints at a quality of intelligence that is deeper than average. A profound sense of knowing – on a visceral scale – that all things are well, and everything is moving in a beneficial flow.

Bearing in mind cups deal with emotional matters lends further fuel to the nine of cups Tarot card meaning dealing with the concept of emotional fulfillment.

In a reading, this card signals all systems are go, and we are in a prime position for satisfaction and advancement.

A few symbols in the Nine of Cups and their Meaning

symbolic bench meaning in Tarot

Bench: The bench is symbolic of taking a moment to examine the details. In a reading, benches indicate the querent needs to sit back, relax, and take some time to examine or savor the situations expressed in the card layout.

King Of Pentacles Meaning Yellow

Yellow: The color yellow is symbolic of intelligence as well as cheer, satisfaction, and all-around contentment. Corresponding with the Manipura chakra, also known as the solar plexus chakra, yellow is an anchoring hue dealing with core issues in our lives. That which is at our emotional center is worth paying attention to. In the nine of cups, yellow represents our emotional well-being. See also color symbolism and the Tarot page here.

Some Questions the Nine of Cups Ask Us:

  • How can I make this winning feeling last?
  • Can I let go enough to enjoy this time of well-being?
  • Do I remember the steps I took to get to this zenith?
  • Can I tell the difference between cocky and confident?
  • Can I accept that I deserve this span of reward and recognition?
  • Can I tell the difference between savoring success and complacency?
  • How can I tap into this feeling of calm assurance and access this feeling any time, any where?
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