Tarot Meaning of Pages

Tarot Meaning Of Pages

Tarot Meaning of Pages

The Tarot meaning of Pages has a special place in my perception because these are the dreamers of the Royal family.

Pages always have their ears perked up, listening for oracles of the universe. They hear messages no one else in the Royal family can, and they deliver these messages to us through our Tarot readings.

The Tarot meaning of pages deals with:

  • Youth
  • Feeling
  • Service
  • Creativity
  • Devotion
  • Attention
  • Sensitivity
  • Messenger
  • Inspiration
  • Tenderness
  • Introspection
  • Contemplation

Pages capture the essence of transition, and they can tell us how to smoothly move through changes they often foretell in the cards.

Tarot meaning of Pages will vary according to the suit from which they hail.

I love Pages of the Tarot because they inspire us to think outside non-linear terms. Because they are receivers of unorthodox data, they serve as the muse in our lives. They can facilitate impressive enlightenment to our perceptions – if only we open ourselves to heed their calling.

Moreover, Pages have a playful spirit about them. Reminiscent of simplicity, and almost childlike qualities, the Page holds no threat or harm. These archetypes give loving service, with generosity equal to our willingness to interact with their presence.

For example:

The realm of cups deals with matters of the emotion, intuition and feelings. So, when we pull the page of cups will herald the coming of love, a growth in perception, and an evolution in emotional understanding.

The domain of pentacles is a material world dealing with work, money, home and health. The page of pentacles will whisper news about financial trends, and offer sweet suggestions about domestic issues.

The area of swords challenges points to the balance of our thoughts, mental challenges were faced with and effective communication. The page of swords will be the “light bulb” or mental break-through for your intellectual pursuits.

The land of wands caters to our awareness of spirituality, inspiration and social settings. Ergo, the page of wands thrives in this realm, and will wave grand brush strokes of creativity and ideas for using your deeper spirit to communicate higher meaning to all those in your sphere of influence.

Tarot Meaning Of Pages
Tarot Meaning Of Pages

Tarot Meaning of Pages as a Person:

Pulling a page in your Tarot reading can represent a specific person in your life. This will be younger male or female (living or physically deceased) . When I say “younger,” that’s not necessarily in age. This person is going to have a youthful exuberance that’s infectious.

There is an age just before puberty when many humans are not fully male, not fully female. It’s a fascinating (and powerful) phase of human life…speeding headlong off the precipice of innocence, while holding strong to the power found “in-between.” I hope you understand what I mean here, because that’s the best way I can conjure to describe this enchanting gap of evolution.

It seems to me, young ones who have not quite been fully socialized hold tremendous power of perception. The Page represents this kind of awareness.

Clever, witty, light and breezy describes the personality of the Page. These will be the people in your life that make you sigh with great relief, and make you remember just how wonderful it is to be alive.

These youthful and vital people are naturally intuitive, and are the “town criers” always full of news, gossip, and the latest scoop.

Pages can be our children, brothers, sisters, best friends, teachers – anyone really. They will always have a message for us, and the usually offer it with a knowing smile.

Don’t let age fool you. The people in our lives represented by the Page might be your youngest children – but be aware, these young ones are profoundly accurate messengers.

Tarot Meaning Of Pages
More About the Tarot Meaning Of Pages

How to Deal with Your Pages:

Now that we know more about Tarot meaning of pages, we know we’re dealing with a driven personality. Depending on the suit in which the page is pulled, we become better equipped to communicate with this person the page card represents.

I’ve seen well intentioned sources offering physical characteristics of pages in the cards, and I include a paragraph about physical traits of each Page in the individual cards (links below).

You are going to know because when you pull the Page you will be asked to listen to the muse and consider that which inspires you.

The Tarot meaning of Pages could deal with personality traits within you and not a person at all (I talk about this and offer advice on reading court cards as actual people or personality traits).

Simplify your reading by asking yourself these questions when the Page pays you a visit in the cards:

  • Who or what offers a message of joviality, sociability and moves you to breathe new life into your creations? (Page of Wands)
  • Who or what asks you to approach your health, home and career from a playful perspective? (Page of Pentacles)
  • Who or what holds your hand in loving comfort and sooths your emotions just by being near? (Page of Cups)
  • Who or what is softly asking you keep watch over your thoughts and intellectually prepare for yourself for challenges? (Page of Swords)

I hope you have enjoyed this page on Tarot meaning of pages.

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