Bench Meaning in Tarot

Bench meaning in Tarot

Tarot Meanings of the Bench

It might seem odd to include such a banal feature as the bench in these symbolic Tarot meanings archives, but it really is a relevant and telling sign.

Why? Because when benches show up in our awareness in a reading, it’s a *ping* to our intuition. It tells us our client is in a state of rest or contemplation.

Or, depending on surrounding cards, it could indicate your client is due for some rest and relaxation.

Keywords for Bench Meaning in Tarot

  • Rest
  • Safety
  • Waiting
  • Patience
  • Assistance
  • Foundation
  • Meditation
  • Regrouping
  • Contemplation

I love the symbolism of patience and waiting with the bench. Almost all of us can recall being on a long, arduous walk and found ourselves filled with relief at finding a nice spot to sit and relax somewhere on our path.

Bench meaning in Tarot

The bench in Tarot meanings represents the same kind of relief. In fact, you may find your client has been going through an arduous life experience and the bench in his/her cards will reflect a period of contemplation about his/her direction.

There’s more to the Tarot meanings of the bench than just regrouping ourselves. Visually, we can appreciate the horizontal surface of the bench, and that expresses a quality of duality. In this light, you may find your client is “stuck on the horizon” and he/she is contemplating an “either/or” scenario. Literally, the horizontal symbolism of the bench translates to mean “I stand on the horizon, do I choose to embrace the dawn (beginnings) or the dusk (conclusions).”

I can also appreciate the numerology involved with the Tarot meanings of the bench. Depending upon the deck you’re working with, you could be seeing two supporting legs to the bench or four. If four legs supporting our Tarot bench, we’re dealing with symbolism of foundations, structure, stability and grounding energies. If two legs, we’re dealing with balance, choice, duality and even opposition. The Tarot meanings you choose in this scenario will depend upon surrounding cards, and what is revealed to your Inner Vision.

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