Brick Wall Symbolism in Tarot

Brick Wall Symbolism In Tarot

Brick Wall Symbolism
and Meaning in Tarot

Brick wall symbolism in Tarot points to methodical, progressive building up over time.

Brick walls in the cards distinguish themselves from other walls or divisions because of the nature of the structure.

The metaphor here is: “brick by brick we build our fortress.”

We could take this to mean a progressive building of walls. If brick walls in the Tarot stack up in your intuitive vision it could point to protective mechanisms within the heart and psyche of you or your client.

On a positive note, we could look at brick wall symbolism in Tarot to mean progress – a process of building up reputations, confidence or evolution in our lives. It could indicate an empire we have built in our career, family, finances.

Here is a suggested list of meanings pertaining to brick walls in the Tarot:

Keywords for Brick Wall Symbolism in Tarot

  • Limit
  • Border
  • Barrier
  • Progress
  • Blockage
  • Enterprise
  • Stability
  • Escalation
  • Protection
  • Development
  • Building upward
Brick Wall Symbolism In Tarot
Brick Wall Symbolism In Tarot

Which interpretation you choose for the brick wall in your readings will depend on your intuitive impulses and the landscape of the other cards in the spread.

Often I get the impression of an emotional break-through when I’m reading for clients. Particularly in the Sun card in which great clarity and renewal occurs after a client has gone through a dark trial in his/her life. In this respect, I find the brick wall is often self-inflicted. Meaning, my client has built walls out of survival, protection or just because he/she felt over-vulnerable for a time in their lives.

These walls may also point to planning. Consider the skill and craftsmanship of bricklayers. Indeed, the Freemasons were legendary artisans, and renowned for their vast skill at planning their structures to the minutest detail. In this instance, the brick laying might be intentional and methodical in your client’s life.

Be aware of the potentials. Better yet, tell your client what you are picking up from the wall you are seeing in his/her cards. Your client should confirm what your intuition is pickup up on.

Whether protective or progressive, brick wall symbolism will have its proper place in your intuitive Tarot readings.

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