Tarot Symbols

Tarot Symbols and Meanings on Tarot Teachings

This is a landing page for all the Tarot symbols Avia has written about on Tarot Teachings. Tarot symbols are broken out in four pages in alphabetical order by symbol. Simply click on the links or do a search and read more about any symbol found in the Tarot.

Intro to Tarot Symbols

This is a quick list of Tarot symbols, where each link will take you to the expanded meaning of that symbol.

For full descriptions of these symbols, just click on the links below.

More symbols will be added as time goes on, so stay tuned to this page!


No time for in-depth reading on each symbol? I’ve also written lists of symbols with brief descriptions for each if you’re looking for the short versions:

Articles by Avia on Tarot Teachings

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