Heart Symbol Meaning in the Tarot

Heart Symbol Meaning in the Tarot

Each card carries its own symbolic language, offering insight and guidance on various aspects of our lives. Among these symbols, the heart holds a special place – a powerful emblem that speaks directly to matters of love, relationships, career, money, and spirituality. In this blog post, we will explore the profound meaning behind the heart symbol in tarot readings. Whether you’re seeking clarity on matters of the heart or hoping to uncover hidden truths about your path ahead, prepare to embark on an enchanting journey through the realm of tarot symbolism as we decode what lies within those delicate hearts!

Heart Symbol Meaning in Tarot

Which Tarot Cards Feature the Heart Symbol?

Tarot cards are rich with symbolism, and the heart symbol is one that frequently appears in various decks. The heart represents love, emotions, relationships, and matters of the heart. Regarding tarot readings, understanding which cards feature the heart symbol can provide valuable insights into different aspects of life.

Bear in mind, I’m referring to the Rider-Waite tarot deck design.  Other deck renditions may show the heart symbol more prominently. 

Potential Meaning of the Heart Symbol in a Tarot Card Reading

The heart symbol in a tarot card reading can hold various potential meanings, depending on the context and surrounding cards. It represents emotions, love, compassion, and matters of the heart. The heart symbol in a tarot reading often signifies deep emotional connections or intense feelings.

In terms of relationships, the presence of the heart symbol may indicate a strong bond or connection with someone. It could suggest that love is at the forefront of your mind or that you are experiencing an abundance of affection from others.

Additionally, the heart symbol might signify investments made with emotion rather than logic when it comes to matters related to money or finances. It serves as a reminder to carefully consider financial decisions and not let emotions overshadow practicality.

When interpreting career-related questions in tarot readings involving heart symbols, it could mean finding fulfillment through pursuing one’s passion or following their heart’s desires. This suggests that aligning work with personal values and interests will lead to more satisfaction and success.

Furthermore, spirituality-focused inquiries within tarot readings featuring heart symbols may imply exploring deeper levels of self-love and acceptance. The presence of this symbol encourages individuals to connect with their innermost emotions and trust their intuition.

While each interpretation will depend on specific circumstances within a tarot spread; generally speaking: The heart symbol is associated with themes such as emotions (love), relationships (both romantic and non-romantic), finance/money-related concerns; career aspirations/goals; spiritual growth/journey towards self-discovery – all central aspects for holistic well-being

The heart symbol in tarot cards can offer profound insights into our financial matters. When the heart symbol appears in a reading related to money, it signifies a connection between our emotions and our finances. It reminds us that how we feel about money can impact our financial success.

In terms of abundance, the heart symbol represents material wealth and emotional fulfillment. It encourages us to align our financial goals with what brings us joy and satisfaction on a deeper level. This could mean pursuing a career or business venture that truly resonates with our passions and values.

On the flip side, if the heart symbol appears reversed or accompanied by challenging cards, it may indicate issues around overspending or an unhealthy attachment to wealth. It serves as a reminder to maintain balance and avoid allowing money to dictate our happiness.

Understanding the meaning of the heart symbol in relation to money helps us cultivate a healthier relationship with finances. By acknowledging and addressing any emotional blocks or patterns tied to abundance, we can open ourselves up to greater prosperity while still honoring what truly matters most: love and fulfillment.

Heart Symbol Meaning in the Tarot Cards

The heart symbol holds a deep and profound meaning in the realm of love regarding tarot readings. When we encounter the heart symbol in tarot cards, it often represents matters of the heart and emotional connections.

In tarot, the heart symbol is commonly associated with themes such as passion, romance, and relationships. It signifies deep emotions and the potential for love to enter our lives. The presence of this symbol can indicate that love is on its way or that we need to pay attention to our own emotional well-being.

When interpreting a card with a heart symbol in relation to love, it’s important to consider other elements within the reading. The surrounding cards may provide further insight into specific aspects of relationships or what might be blocking us from experiencing true connection.

If you’re seeking guidance about your romantic relationship, a card featuring the heart symbol could suggest that you open your heart more fully or communicate your feelings honestly. It may also indicate an opportunity for growth and transformation within your partnership.

Remember, every individual interpretation will vary depending on personal circumstances and experiences. Tarot serves as a tool for self-reflection and understanding rather than providing definitive answers. Embrace the symbolism of hearts with an open mind and allow its energy to guide you towards deeper connections in all areas of life

The heart symbol in the tarot holds significant meaning when it comes to career readings. Different cards featuring the heart symbol can provide insight into various aspects of one’s professional life.

As the heart often represents new beginnings and opportunities in a career context. It signifies that following your heart’s desires may lead you to success and fulfillment in your chosen profession.

When the heart appears, it suggests collaboration and partnerships that could positively impact your career. This card indicates that forming strong connections with colleagues or mentors might open doors for advancement or new job prospects.

The heart can also indicate a harmonious work environment where teamwork and camaraderie play a vital role. It signifies celebrating achievements collectively and finding joy in shared success within your professional circle.

Seeing a heart in the tarot cards may suggest achieving emotional fulfillment through finding purposeful work or creating a supportive work-life balance. This card encourages pursuing a career path aligned with personal values, leading to long-term satisfaction.

Keep in mind that interpretations vary based on individual circumstances and surrounding cards during a reading. Trusting your intuition is crucial when exploring the heart symbol’s significance regarding your career journey.

When it comes to spirituality in the Tarot, the heart symbol holds a special significance. It represents our connection to the divine and serves as a reminder of the love and compassion that exists within us all.

In spiritual readings, seeing the heart symbol can indicate a deepening of your spiritual journey. It suggests that you are being called to explore your emotions and connect with your innermost self. This symbol invites you to open your heart chakra and embrace unconditional love for yourself and others.

The presence of the heart symbol also reminds us of the importance of forgiveness and healing on a soul level. It encourages us to let go of any past hurts or resentments so that we can move forward with grace and compassion.

Additionally, when this symbol appears in relation to spirituality, it may indicate an upcoming period of growth or transformation on a spiritual level. It could be a sign that you are ready to dive deeper into your spiritual practice or embark on a new path altogether.

The heart symbol in tarot related to spirituality invites us to cultivate love, kindness, and empathy towards ourselves and others as we navigate our spiritual journeys. So take some time today to nurture your soul and connect with the divine presence within you!

Heart Symbol Meaning in a Tarot Card Reading

In the realm of tarot readings, the heart symbol holds deep significance when it comes to non-romantic relationships. The heart is a universal symbol of love and compassion, extending beyond romantic connections to encompass friendships, family dynamics, and even professional relationships.

When the heart symbol appears in a tarot reading concerning non-romantic relationships, it often signifies emotional connection and support. It suggests that there is an opportunity for growth and understanding within these connections.

The heart represents empathy and kindness towards others. In non-romantic relationships, this could indicate acts of selflessness or generosity from friends or family members. It reminds us to cultivate meaningful connections with those around us.

In addition, the appearance of the heart can be seen as a reminder to prioritize open communication in our interactions with others. This may involve expressing gratitude for their presence in our lives or having honest conversations about any issues that may arise.

When interpreting the meaning of hearts in tarot cards related to non-romantic relationships, it is essential to focus on cultivating healthy connections based on love, compassion, and mutual understanding. These symbols serve as gentle reminders to nourish our bonds with friends and family while fostering positive energy within all aspects of our lives.


In this article, we have explored the meaning of the heart symbol in the tarot. We have discovered that the heart symbol can appear on various tarot cards and has different interpretations depending on the context of a reading.

As we’ve seen throughout this exploration of tarot symbolism, interpreting cards featuring hearts requires careful consideration of their surrounding elements within a reading’s context. By harnessing its energy wisely – be it for financial decisions or matters of love – we can unlock deeper insights into ourselves while clearly navigating life’s journey.

So next time you come across a card adorned with hearts during your Tarot practice or reading session, remember its multifaceted nature – an invitation from spirit to explore your emotions more deeply!

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