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Five of Cups
Tarot Card Meaning

Five Of Cups. (Aquarian deck published by US Games) Five Of Cups. (Morgan-Greer deck published by US Games) Five Of Cups. (Universal Waite deck published by US Games)

Some keywords to the Five of Cups Tarot Card Meaning:

  • Regret
  • Doubt
  • Solitude
  • Self-blame
  • Loneliness
  • Wallowing
  • Contemplation
  • Disappointment
  • Second-guessing
  • Unrealized potential
  • Readjusting attitudes

The back is turned, the body is covered, and there is major readjusting that is suggested in the Five of Cups Tarot card meaning.

When we see figureheads in the cards facing west as the gentleman in the Five of Cups is, it?s an indication the querent is dwelling on the past. The turned back and west facing feature is symbolic of regret, loss, and holding oneself in a position of self-blame or self-doubt.

The distant bridge in the card is our source of silver lining. It is an indication that we can bridge the gap between the lower emotions we feel now, to the higher more positive feeling we want to feel. With purposeful intent, we can reach that golden castle (on the other side of that bridge), and leave behind the barren (unhelpful) feelings of fear, doubt, and loneliness behind us.

The placement of the cups in this card illustration is intriguing. It brings to my mind the rule of karmic threes. It's been my experience in readings that those who attract this card have gone through the "three strikes you're out" phenomenon - or, they have had their own actions come back to them threefold.

Effectually, this card serves as a reminder to be aware of our actions, lest we are faced with undesirable consequences. Remember, the cups deal in the realm of emotion and the movement it takes in our lives. This card asks us to follow the tracks of our tears - follow the path our emotions have taken us down, and calmly navigate our way to solutions.

A few symbol meanings for the Five of Cups:

click for a larger view of all cards with an Bridge symbol Bridge: Bridges take us from one point to another, and therefore they symbolically represent resources or help available to us. In a reading bridges remind us that the ways and means to accomplish something is always available to us. In the five of cups the bridge represents moving from a place of grief or regret on to another phase of life. Click for bridge image in the card.

click for a larger view of all cards with an Castle symbol Castle: Castle symbol meanings deal with goals. Castles are physical reprsentations of our need to build (block by block) upon a strong foundation in order to obtain our goals. Castles may also deal with sheltering ourselves or limiting ourselves from reaching our goals. They are also a symbol of obtaining our desires. See also the "tower" symbol meaning. Click for other castles in the cards.

Some questions the Five of Cups asks us in a reading:

  • What emotions am I turning my back on that cause me to feel this isolation?
  • Is it time to take internal inventory of my actions and feelings in order to gain clarity in my life?
  • How can I effectively bridge the gap between loss and gain in my life?
  • How can I be more aware of my actions so that the rule of three's works in my favor
  • How does negatively dwelling in the past serve me in a positive way?

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