Tarot Symbols: Bridge Meaning

Bridge Tarot Symbol Meaning

Tarot Symbols: Bridge

Bridges as Tarot symbols build up their presence in our readings when our attention needs to be focused on opportunities that help us overcome obstacles. There are tools at our disposal that can make a bridge over troubled waters. These tools come mostly in the form of higher knowing, spiritual awareness, or simply faith in the goodness of life.

Among all the various Tarot symbols, the bridge is a profound indicator in your readings because it points our focus on concepts such as:

  • Connections
  • Direction
  • Assistance
  • Stability
  • Crossing
  • Progress
  • Spanning the Gap

The last symbolic meaning of “Spanning the Gap” that’s particularly intriguing. Every human encounters some kind of hiccup on their life path. I’m talking about an obstacle or conflict. Likewise, every human comes equipped with a metaphorical bridge to span the gap.

Bridge Tarot Symbol Meaning
Bridge Tarot Symbols and Meaning

We could say bridges are symbolic of divine intervention. When the bridge appears in our readings it is a sign that we have the capability of walking through every hardship we are faced with in life – we just need to keep our eyes open for the proper avenues to either detour further conflict or find the bridges to rise above difficulties.

We all have moments of tribulation – it is the way of human life. But seeing other avenues (opportunities, solutions, perspectives, different ways of viewing life, etc) can bridge the gap between living in misery and living in harmony.

So then next time you’re contemplating Tarot symbols in your readings, think of the bridge as your divine connection between polarities of experience – with one side of the gap representing harmony and the other side misery. Which direction are you walking on the bridge of your life? What kind of progress are you making? Is your destination joy or its opposite?

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