Castle Tarot Symbol Meaning

Castle Tarot Symbol Meaning

Exploring Castle Tarot Symbol Meanings

At its simplest, the castle Tarot symbol represents a goal – an ideal of achievement usually after a long quest. How do I come up with this simplified symbolism? A look at all the Rider-Waite cards featuring the castle reveals almost all of them are set in the background of the card. Far off into the distance we see the glimmer of the castle as a tribute of what awaits us after we have been upon a quest for higher knowing or advancement.

In almost every card the castle looms far in the distance from the central character of the card – it’s a reminder of our reward (and delayed gratification). Whether it be monetary, spiritual, romantic, or otherwise, the castle is an end-result of the investment made on the journey of life. And, even where it is featured prominently (in the seven of cups), the castle still hints to goal-oriented focus.

Castle Tarot Symbol Meaning
Castle Tarot Symbol Meaning

In the Seven of Cups the castle is an option to be chosen, but what kind of option? This is where we can expand our intuitive ideas about the castle as a Tarot symbol. This is a very good thing because a broader view of castles makes us realize they are symbolic of far more than just obtaining a goal.

Keywords for Castle Tarot Symbol Meaning

  • Wealth
  • Comfort
  • Strength
  • Sanctuary
  • Strategy
  • Defense
  • Structure
  • Protection
  • High idealism
  • Dreams/Fantasy

In the final analysis a castle is a home, and in their golden era in history the castle was a grandiose symbol of protection. Everyone took shelter within the thick stone walls of the castle – from royalty to cattle – all sought refuge within the fortress.

So, when the castles of the Tarot cards come calling out to your awareness, consider all these potential symbolic meanings in conjunction with the rest of the cards in your spread.

Give pause and allow your intuition a chance to roam the halls of the castles in your own understanding to gain a broader perspective of this intriguing Tarot symbol.

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