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Tarot wands meaning
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If the Tarot wands had a personality (and they certainly do, just as all the suits do) they would be the muse or the facilitators and cheerleaders of the deck.

Wands represent:

  • Spirit
  • Creativity
  • Divine Spark

When we see these cards before us we see a very channeled focus of energy in matters that drive us, light our fire and feed our passions. The Tarot wands represent enthusiasm at its most intense.

The etymology of the word enthusiasm is Greek for enthousiasmos which means “to be inspired.” It is also derived from entheos which means “inspired or possessed by god.” Therefore from en “in” + theos “god” – literally, to be enthusiastic is to be within god.

Tarot wands meaning

This is a concept of tremendous magnitude that when applied to your interpretations of the wands, will transform your perceptions radically. The wands are that divine spark that animates us and activates us. Most deck renditions depict the wands as wooden rods, staves, sometimes twigs or gnarly wooden clubs. 

This state of indwelling god or enthusiasm that is represented in the wands is further illustrated here because wood has long been held as a sacred container of divine inspiration or god knowledge.

To wit, the Druids worshipped trees for the divine cosmic codes pressed in the concentric rings of their bodies. They recognized also their transformative abilities. Such transformation is evident in trees ability to fuel fire, a powerful element in matters of ingenuity, progress and inspiration too.

As the Tarot wands are associated with trees, they are also linked with the potential of fire. We can see fire as well as these other traits flickering in the suit of wands:

  • Drive
  • Action
  • Impulse
  • Passion
  • Potential
  • Progress
  • Ingenuity
  • Enterprise
  • Pioneering
  • Enthusiasm
  • Momentum
  • Inspiration

Wands are the initiators of the deck who spur is into inspired action and new beginnings. Sometimes this can be careless, thoughtless action. As the creative spark of the Tarot clans, the wands span out and influence our interpretations with “wildcard” associations.

Tarot Wands Meaning – Chart of Associations

Suit of WandsTarot wands meaning
a.k.a.:Rods, Staves
Symbolism:Creativity, Action, Passion
Colors:Yellow Color meaning in Tarot Yellow
Zodiac:Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Elements:Tarot Element Fire Fire
Playing Cards:Tarot Playing Card ClubsClubs
Tarot Card Suit of Wands – Chart of Correspondence

To illustrate, the Tarot wands are associated with the fire signs of the zodiac: Aries, Leo & Sagittarius.

With a cast of personalities represented in these zodiac signs, we can’t possibly stay in stagnation for long.

Take for example the first in our line-up, Aries, the ram. This is the first of the zodiac – a symbol of new beginnings. Aries the ram carries the symbolism of charging through (particularly with verve and gusto), a characteristic we see throughout the wands.

Likewise the dynamic Leo of the wands is the motivator and leader of desires and passions reflected throughout the rest of the cards in an interpretive spread. And the element Sagittarius fire sign makes sure none of these things are taken too seriously.

Looking through the wands you will see these personalities play across the cards.

Tarot wands represent pure potential. When we have ideas that are pure genius or experience moments of epiphany or come up with original ideas that fire up our creative juices – these are all areas ruled by the wands.

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