Emperor Tarot Card Meanings

Emperor Tarot Card Meanings

Emperor Tarot Card Meanings

The father figure of the Tarot deck, the Emperor Tarot card meanings are all about advice, wisdom, authority, and grounding. Take a moment to observe the Emperor card. It becomes apparent that this is a character who has been there, done that, and has the battle armor to prove it. The Emperor has obtained his wisdom through experience. He’s been through the wars, he’s ruled his people wisely, and he’s experienced all life can throw at him. What better source for advice than a battle-tested, thoughtful, strategic ruler?

Key Words for the Emperor Tarot Card Meanings

  • Strategy
  • Rulership
  • Authority
  • Masculinity
  • Practicality
Emperor Tarot Card Meanings

Look more closely at the card, and you will detect a scrutinous quality in his eyes. When you’ve seen everything the Emperor has seen, you would have cause to be a bit skeptical too.

This contributes to the Emperor as the perfect authority figure. He is as wise as his years because caution has served as the better part of valor in his life.

This makes him an excellent source of wisdom and advice. He does not become carried away by fad or fancy – he sees through the most clever of disguises and nothing slips by his scrutiny.

When we pull this card in a reading we get an instant “grounding effect.” In areas of business, we are encouraged to consider all the facts, revisit our strategic plans, reconsider our partnerships, and re-evaluate our allegiances.

When we are unsure of circumstances, the Emperor reminds us that sometimes “doing” is the only method we have for “knowing.” Another tip – the Emperor is a master of his own making, and when he shows up in a reading, we would do well to realize our own inner strength and motivation is what makes us a leader.

Key Symbols Relative to Emperor Tarot Card Meanings:

This section focuses on a few select symbols that can help us further define the Emperor Tarot card meanings.

Emperor Tarot Card Meanings Beard

Beard: As mentioned earlier, the Emperor has “been there, done that” and the beard is a symbol of his experience. As an archetype, we commonly see masculine figures of authority or father figures with long white beards. It reassures us that this man has acquired years of wisdom and experience – he is worthy of listening to because he’s seen first hand the effects of his own actions. He offers us the gift of his own life example – a short-cut because when we heed the advice of our elders we can often avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Emperor Tarot Card Meanings Ram

Ram: Featured prominently in most decks, the head of the ram is a symbol of determination, action, initiative, and leadership. The ram is also a symbol of Aries, which is the astral ruler of the Emperor. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, further reinforcing attributes of leadership, authority, and other forefather-type characteristics.

Emperor Tarot Card Meanings Staff

Staff: In this rendition, the cross is at the top of his staff. This is a symbol of balance, and each arm of the cross represents balance amongst the four directions, four winds, and/or the four elements. As a ruler, it is imperative to understand the interconnectedness of things and to be able to balance the elements of nature appropriately. Other decks depict the Egyptian ankh upon the Emperor’s staff – this is a symbol of balance and life.

Questions the Emperor Tarot Card Asks:

When contemplating the Emperor Tarot card meaning, ask yourself the following questions…

  • Am I leading by example?
  • What kind of ruler am I?
  • Am I being inflexible? Too practical?
  • Do I need some advice on this situation?
  • Upon what resources am I calling in order to be the best leader?
  • What’s my strategy to accomplish these goals and are they realistic?
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