Fire Symbolism in Tarot

Fire Symbolism In Tarot

Fire Symbolism in Tarot

To me, Fire symbolism in Tarot smolders with symbolic messages of conversion. Let’s face it, everything that touches fire is changed – often beyond recognition.

In ancient alchemy, the depiction of fire was a symbolic cue pointing to transformation. Alchemists also knew that a dance with the fire lead to alterations. Indeed, fire is one of alchemists prime methods of conversion.

The fires in the Devil card build upon this alchemical concept. It illuminates a sense of converting base matters into gold. The authentic plight of the alchemist is about converting raw crudities into something refined, useful, and glorious. What better way to convey that kind of higher ideal that with the Devil’s torch pointing downward? This gesture lets the intuitive interpreter know that we can free ourselves from the strongholds of lower behaviors (addiction, despair, denial, and even ignorance) by applying the flame of enlightenment to the root of our problem.

In the case of the Tower card, those flames gushing out from the crown of the tower speak to us about conversion too. Those fires are a result of combustion after a long build-up over time. Brick by brick we build our beliefs, progress, and perspectives. Constructed poorly, that foundation will eventually crumble in time.

Fire Symbolism In Tarot
Fire Symbolism in Tarot

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Furthermore, the fire from the crown is a message of downfall due to anger. You’ve heard the phrase: “he/she is a hothead.” Too often we endure demise from losing our tempers, and this depiction in the Tower card points to that outcome. The fire of the Tower reminds us we can be our worst enemies in how we design our daily lives. But there’s a silver lining in that the remnants of the Tower (ill construction of beliefs) represent our ability to start over and rebuild a better foundation.

The entire suit of rods resonates with fire. Rods/Wands are typically wood and the suit speaks to us about inspiration, enthusiasm and that which ignites our passion. While you’re looking through the suit of rods, contemplate that which fuels your heart-flame. What kindles your soulful campfires? Relate your response to the suit of rods, and see if you can’t derive some insight as to how to nurture those tender flames of desire.

This is just a smattering of implications posed by fire symbolism in Tarot. Seek more kindling for your symbolic fires by consulting this insightful page:

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