Devil Tarot Card Meanings

Devil Tarot Card Meanings

Devil Tarot Card Meanings

The image of the Baphoment is a shock to many. In a primarily suppressed society, topics relating to the devil are not openly discussed and illicit intense discomfort. However, if we approach devil Tarot card meanings with an open-minded, mature manner, we can glean a mass of insight.

Before exploring this card further, take a moment to consider the laws of nature. When we observe the trees, the sky, the grass, the birds, and other phenomena of nature, do we see the presence of a devil? Do we see bondage among bobcats? Selfishness among seagulls? Tyranny amongst Tiger Lillies? Absolutely not. The thought is ludicrous.

Key Words for the Devil Tarot Card Meanings

  • Ego
  • Loss
  • Error
  • Addiction
  • Illusion
  • Disruption
  • Enslavement

This is big consideration when contemplating the Devil Tarot card. Out of all life that exists on this planet only one creature can identify that which is “devil.” That creature is of course, the human. Only humans can classify what is “devil” and what is “angel.”

So what does a human have that the rest of the natural world doesn’t? What makes a human have the capacity to create, define, or interpret the personification of the devil? A mind, and with that human mind comes the human ego running along beside it.

The ego is the key to understanding the Devil card. Ego-mind tells us we’re better than the other guy, or we’re not good enough for the glee club. That ego-toddler cries for external stimuli (drugs, alcohol, food) and thinks all that is acceptable in society, or feel comfortable in our own skins. The needy, tiny ego-mind tells us we need a new car to get respect or we need to put our spouse in his/her place so we are “on top.”

Devil Tarot Card Meanings

When we pull the Devil card in a reading we’ve got some serious examining to do. We need to consider who or what is in charge of our lives.

The Devil is a very loud message stating that we’re in danger of giving up our control to our base nature. Or, it’s a message that we’ve already dropped to a level of functioning that is beneath us.

We are designed for greatness, yet when we stoop to the level of ego-thinking we’re blind to our own beauty.

This is not to say the ego is all bad. We all need our ego’s to function. Ego is a problem only when we allow it to run through our thoughts unchecked. An uncontrolled mind is an ego-driven mind. An ego-driven mind is one that operates under the illusion that love and acceptance must be obtained at all cost.

The truth is that love and acceptance can never be gained because they are always ours – they are at the core of our being at all times.

Special note: this card rendition (Morgan-Greer, permission and rights of use listed on home page) of the Devil Tarot card meanings depicts green as the predominant color. Consequently the reader may be intuitively lead to suggest health issues in a reading as the color green (corresponding to the heart chakra) is considered a color relating to health.

Key Symbols Relative to Devil Tarot Card Meanings:

This section focuses on a few select symbols that can help us further define the Devil Tarot card meanings.

Devil Tarot Card Meanings Fly

Fly: The fly is a symbol of very primitive, base energy states. Its nature is pesky and irritating. It happily feeds on rot and waste. We can liken these qualities in ourselves; when we are duped into thinking we are unworthy or we are feeding on filthy thoughts. Our addictions can be as nagging and pesky as the fly. Our “little selves” (the one whose voice cries me, me, me) express the lowest level of energy and it turns like a maggot in our minds.

Devil Tarot Card Meanings Flame

Flame: The flame is a symbol of illumination. In this case, it serves as a symbol of hope that we can all overcome the not-so-savory urges and characteristics the Devil card represents. The flame also reminds us that there is no darkness – there is only an absence of light. When we carry the light in our hearts and minds, lower level energy will always be dispelled. Read more about fire symbolism in the Tarot here.

Devil Tarot Card Meanings Inverted Star

Inverted Five-Pointed Star: Simply put, the inverted (up-side-down) five-pointed star is the opposite of its original meaning. The five-pointed star or pentagram is a symbol of harmony among all the elements. Therefore inverted, this symbol means disharmony, error, and maligned thought.

Chains: In conjunction with the Devil card we get the sense of being bound to habits, thoughts, beliefs, or behaviors that enslave our spirits. The Devil is nothing more than a metaphor for living a base/banal and substandard existence. Click here to read more about chain symbolism in Tarot.

Key Questions Relative to the Devil Tarot Card Meanings:

When contemplating the Devil Tarot card meanings, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I feeding an addiction?
  • What do I gain by letting my ego control my life?
  • Do I think I’m unworthy of love? Happiness? Peace? Why?
  • Do I always feel like I need to answer to someone? Why?
  • What is pestering me all the time? What can I do about it?
  • Do I feel like I never have enough, can never be enough? Why?
  • How can I lift myself out of these lower levels of thoughts and feelings?
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