Ten of Cups Meaning in Tarot

ten of cups meaning in tarot

About Ten of Cups
Meaning in Tarot

No rocket science here. The ten of cups meaning in Tarot comes through loud and clear. This card is an energetic indicator of good times, accomplishments and relishing all the joys that come from being a part of a community of loving friends and family.

I would however like to call attention to the traditional (see Rider-Waite image) card imagery. When figureheads in the cards are depicted with backs to us, it’s a signal of a time of reflection.

Some Keywords for the Ten of Cups Tarot Card Meaning:

  • Elation
  • Sharing
  • Allowing
  • Stability
  • Harmony
  • Increase
  • Reflection
  • Abundance
  • Community
  • Grass Roots
  • Achievement
  • Contentment
  • Joint Ventures
  • Wholesomeness

How does the concept of reflection fit in with the status of contentment?

Perhaps for some, it might mean a time of counting blessings. Being grateful for the supreme joy we’re experiencing right now in our lives. Or, it could indicate our progress on a long journey to get where we are in the present. That long journey, very likely, has been a conscious effort. Each step is taken deliberately in order to obtain the exuberance we feel in this card.

ten of cups meaning in tarot
Ten of cups meaning in the Tarot

We get a feeling of community and partnership in the ten of cups, and we are reminded it takes effort to build life-long relationships that are rewarding and satisfying for everyone.

Bearing in mind cups are the suit of emotions, it’s fitting we see rivers and water in most deck renditions for this card. These flowing waters are our signal for keeping a smooth emotional flow within ourselves. We neither forge rewarding relationships by “rocking the boat” and bullying, nor by “rolling over” and denying our own inner impulses.

Building relationships and strong communities depends on the wisdom of balance and a keen understanding of respecting others while still honoring ourselves.

The rainbow featured in the ten of cups is a testimony to this concept of balance. Only a precise mix of elements causes the rainbow to unfold before our eyes. Keeping that balance of wisdom and insight will inevitably land you that pot of gold you seek in your relationships.

While on the subject of rainbows, remember these natural phenomenon are indicators of bright health. They are symbolic of the chakras, and another message of maintaining balance within the body.

This inner balance is vital. As all esoteric practitioners know, the outer landscape of our lives is a direct result of our inner scenery.

Ergo, the balance within equals a beautiful, techno-colored life experience. Reap your rainbow today.

A few symbols to enhance the Ten of Cups Tarot card meaning:

symbolic children meaning in Tarot

Children: Children represent promise, hope, fresh starts, new beginnings, new ideas, and a fresh way at looking at the world. Children are full of promise for the future and as such they are a symbol of this promise. When they show up on the cards in a reading it could mean the beginning of a new venture, the promise of a new beginning, or it could literally mean children are on their way (new births/adoptions).

symbolic house meaning in Tarot

House: Within houses we live, die, play, cry, grow, hide, dream, the list goes on. As such, they are symbols of our deepest secrets and the tenderest parts of our hearts. House symbol meanings also deal with protection and the value that we feel we must guard against theft. When houses jump up to our vision in a reading it may be symbolic of core issues and matters of stability and security. What must you do to feel wholly protected?

Questions To Reveal More Ten of Cups Tarot Card Meanings:

  • Do I feel like I have to “pay my dues” to be happy, or can I allow my heart to be flooded with joy simply because?
  • Am I willing to invest the time and focus to bring about balance in my life?
  • If my emotions are like a river, is that river calm or raging?
  • How may I more effectively connect to my partner? My family? My self?
  • How do I greet the dawn? With joy?
  • Do I expect my days to bring me the pots of gold I desire?
  • How do I feel about counting my blessings, and being satisfied with the glory of my present moment?
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