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Ankh Symbol Meanings
In the Tarot

Ankh Symbol Meaning in Tarot

Ankh Symbolic
Meaning in Tarot

The ankh symbol meaning in Tarot deals with seeing through the opening of a new view.

This view could be focused on the larger picture as we see the procession of life constantly moving.

This view could also be focused on the step into gateways beyond our common reality.

Where am I getting these "views" about the ankh symbol meaning?

From the symbol itself. The loop on the top is a symbol of the sun, with the horizontal line beneath it representing the horizon of the earth. That ontact between sun and earth is sacred. That contact insures the continuity of life as the sun nurtures the earth - brings about life in the form of abundant crops along the Nile which was vital to the Egyptians existence.

Another perspective of the ankh symbol meaning is to consider the loop itself as a portal to other dimensions. Indeed, the Egyptians speak of the ankh being a key that unlocks the realms of the dead. This concept is underscored by an abundance of ankhs seen in Egyptian funerary art.

Yes, at its most basic the ankh symbol means "life" but there is so much more to this symbol. Other meanings include:

  • Protection
  • Royalty
  • Honor
  • Sacred
  • Hidden wisdom
  • Covenant
  • Power
  • Authority
Ankh Symbol Meanings

When we see the ankh symbol in the Tarot (which, in the traditional Rider-Waite will be found in the Emperor card, but may be shown in other deck renditions to convey these meanings) contemplate the richness of conveyance here.

It's more about shifting our thoughts to accept the magic and power inherent in every moment of reality. The ankh is a reminder of the combination of powers to shift our entire view. It also confirms our status, and insures us we are always protected by a magnitude of loving energies.

So, when the eye of the ankh winks at you in the reading, consider asking yourself (or your client) these questions:

  • What is my relationship to power?
  • What covenants am I honoring or dishonoring?
  • What forces can I combine to create a more whole life?
  • How can I move in a position of authority in my environment?
  • How can I honor the freedom of my loved ones, yet still protect them from harm?

See the cards of the Tarot with the ankh symbol.

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