Three of Pentacles Meaning in Tarot

three of pentacles meaning in Tarot

About Three of Pentacles
Meaning in Tarot

When the Three of Pentacles hammers its way into our readings, we may be superficially impressed with the concepts of work, which leads us to the logical conclusion that the card speaks of vocation, employment (often new contracts or commissions offered to the querent for the employ of his/her skill).

Tunneling deeper into the card we find ourselves within the chambers of primitive, raw creativity. By the sweat of our soul, we produce some of our greatest masterpieces, and the figure in the Three of Pentacles beats out his vision by good, old-fashioned physical labor.

Keywords for Three of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings:

  • Skill
  • Work
  • Focus
  • Study
  • Vision
  • Control
  • Creation
  • Progress
  • Ingenuity
  • Formation
  • Integration
  • Foundation
  • Commitment
  • Manifestation
  • Concentration

The core meaning of all this is: Integration. The number Three (particularly when seated in the visual concept of the triangle) reminds us to integrate foundational strengths and funnel them into a primary focus to create something altogether new, expansive and glorious.

three of pentacles meaning in Tarot
Three of pentacles meaning in Tarot

Indeed, we see evidence of this concept in the Aquarian deck version (shown in the above image – the card on the left) our archetype hammers at his skill while dreamy, undulating skies buoys his work – feeds his visions – elevates his creativity.

Morgan-Greer (the card shown in the center of the image above) indicates an urgency of hammering out our Muse from the stone of our lives – as is illustrated with the astrological Saturn symbol (left pillar, beneath the driving nail), the planet which rules this card. Saturn emanates deep focused energy and drive. And so too must we be driven to meet our commitment to releasing the purity of our creations (often encased within our stony exteriors).

A final thought on this card: Remember the rule of integration. Drive to higher achievement – but don’t do so brutishly – allow the finesse of your artistry to temper your creation as you chisel your way to your goals.

A few symbol meanings on for the Three of Pentacles card:

symbolic hammer meaning in Tarot

Hammer: A hammer or the act of hammering is a sign of getting the point across, or getting the job done. The hammer is also a symbol of force, action, masculinity, and creativity. Typically drawn in matters of vocation, when the hammer catches our eye in a reading it may indicate that we need to get the job done and done well. It may also mean we need to hammer out the details relating to work or a project.

symbolic pillar meaning in Tarot

Pillars: Pillar symbol meanings are all about balance. Typically, the focal point of the card is planted staunchly betwixt two towering pillars – this is a visual indication that the figurehead of this card has chosen middle-ground. When the pillars tower over our readings, it is time to consider matters of diplomacy, balance, tact, and strategy. It is a sign that going between may be more advantageous than taking the proverbial high road or the low road. Rather than seeing things as left or right, black or white, perhaps we can consider a middle road – a third option with a new and different perspective.

symbolic arch meaning in Tarot

Arch: Arches are symbolic of openings, passage-ways, and initiations. In a reading, the arch is a symbol of a new direction for the querent. This new opening or path is indicated by the card.

Some questions the Three of Pentacles ask us:

  • Am I relishing and enjoying the unfolding of my achievement?
  • How can I chisel away my hardness to reveal the soft beauty the dwells within me?
  • What techniques work for me to help focus on my ideals (and help me achieve my goals)?
  • How can I combine the intangibles of me (my vision, dreams, creativity) with my tangibles (my skill, body, action)?
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