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Knight of Swords
Tarot Card Meaning

Knight of Swords. (Aquarian deck published by US Games) Knight of Swords. (Morgan-Greer deck published by US Games) Knight of Swords. (Universal Waite deck published by US Games)

About Knight of Swords
Meaning in Tarot

The following is an account of the knight of swords as if spoken in first person. I thought it would be a neat way to gain better and personal understanding of this card's personality. Hope you like the perspective!

"I am the Knight of Swords and this is my story.

I am lean and effective in all my ways. I recognize the world has a need for the dandy, the bard and the rogue as seen in my other Knight brothers, I am none of these.

Some keywords for the Knight of Swords:

  • Cold
  • Valiant
  • Willful
  • Valiant
  • Dynamic
  • Arrogant
  • Cunning
  • Strategic
  • Chiseled
  • Immature
  • Righteous
  • Handsome
  • Utilitarian
  • Conquering
  • Headstrong
  • Highly sexed

I am the equalizer. My father (the King of Swords) calls upon me when situations have met a deadlock. The moment of negotiations has past. I enforce the wishes of the King.

Words are a waste of time; akin to making daisy chains in a field - quite useless in the final analysis. Deeds and action speak louder than words in superfluous meetings at high counsel.

Although I have little use for talk, that does not mean I'm not thinking. On the contrary, I'm always thinking. I have strategy on top of strategy in my mind, all of them acting out in choreographed precision. My thoughts are like a well planned chess game. Sharp, accurate, and poised (five steps ahead) for the victory.

I've overheard my mother (the Queen of Swords) bemoaning my arrogance and headstrong nature. If inciting my brand of justice is arrogance, so be it. I am usually always right in my estimations, I prefer the term "righteously confident" over arrogance.

Knight of Swords Meaning in Tarot

Sometimes I hear people say: "The Knight of Swords may be too young to maturely deal with the challenges and battles of his time." I think youth is a handicap. If I were older, people would respect me more.

I also hear people say I have a thirst for revenge and bloodlust. 'Tis true, I relish the heat of conflict. But my edges soften when I am coupled in romance. Adoration and sexual pleasure are just as satisfying as battle and debate.

What people don't readily recognize in me is my mission for a noble cause. Tarot scholars recognize my white steed, and they often compare me to Sir Galahad. I can't deny the similarities. If my father's kingdom is at peace, I would find heaven in embarking a noble quest.

As the Knight of Swords, valor, notoriety and an inner sense of righteousness drives me on such adventures. The opportunity for sexual conquest on these royal expeditions is also highly attractive.

Men and woman both comment on my rugged good looks. I am chiseled, hard and well groomed. I've noticed objects of my desire usually melt into my muscular arms. My hands are calloused from holding the reins and the sword in practice and battle. My face still has the shadow of boyish youth, but the crows feet are beginning to make their tracks from hard squinting in the face of foes.

When I show up in the cards, I will tell you to take action. I will tell you to eliminate fear from your purpose. I will not tolerate doubt, and questioning your inclination to proceed is unacceptable. I will show up when you are at a dead end, and I am your secret weapon to slice through the enemy."

Some symbols from the Knight of Swords:

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Birds or Feathers: The symbol meanings of the bird deals with higher thoughts and matters of the spirit. They are creatures of the air, so they symbolize higher ideals. They also represent freedom and ascencion. When the bird symbol pops out at us during a reading it is a message that we are rising to a higher level, that we need to free ourselves from bondage and we must make our hearts light. Other birds tweeting in the cards.

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Clouds: Clouds hold the symbol meaning of revelation. Consider out of the mists of our deepest thoughts suddenly an epiphany comes, a bright idea comes out from nowhere - this is the basic cloud symbol meaning. Depending on the card, clouds can also symbolize confusion or clouded judgment. Primarily, clouds represent higher thought and messages from the divine. Fly through other clouds in the cards.

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Horse: Featured on all the knight cards of the Tarot, the horse symbol meanings deal with strength, motion, action, and vitality. Linked in many ancient traditions with the four elements (fire, water, earth, air) the horse is also a strong spiritual symbol and an emblem of incorporating all the elements to maintain an equal, powerful balance with all things in the universe. This is evident in the "either/or" nature of the knights. In a more mundane sense, the horse is predispositioned to have a charging nature. In a reading, this gives us pause to consider where we are charging to and why. Other horses racing through the cards.

Some Questions from the Knight of Swords:

  • Are you in a position to lead your troops?
    Either lead and act with authority, or let someone else lead for you.

  • Do you have the strength of presence to take charge?
    You will gain no respect from peers or lovers if they smell fear on you.

  • Are you dodging your purpose?
    No more talk. No more procrastination. No more meandering. Now is the time for action. Take the reigns and move!

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