Knight of Wands Meaning

Knight Of Wands Meaning

About Knight of Wands
Meaning in Tarot

The following is an account of the knight of wands as if spoken in the first person. I thought it would be a neat way to gain a better and personal understanding of this card’s personality. So as you are reading through the knight of wands meaning, please imagine this character is speaking directly to you. Enjoy the first-person perspective!

“I am the Knight of Wands and this is my story.

I have my own ideas about how creative and spiritual ideas should be handled, and I’m not shy about letting my opinions known. It’s not that I’m always right in my vision, but I do have the best way to get to the goal. I’ve usually got the best short cuts too!

Some Knight of Wands personality traits:

  • Bold
  • Wild
  • Brash
  • Cavalier
  • Raucous
  • Energetic
  • Impatient
  • Charming
  • Rebellious
  • Surprising
  • Audacious
  • Exuberant
  • Determined
  • Opinionated
  • High spirited
  • Uncontrolled
  • Strong willed
  • Unpredictable

I have no time for methodology or pragmatism. If you want to do things the dinosaur way (traditional, old-fashioned) then I am going to blaze a trail without you.

But, if you are stalled and need inspiration, I’m the vibrant young man to call. I will give you the jump start you need. Hold on tight though, it will be a wild ride!

As the Knight of Wands, I am a double fire. My family crest is the fire of wands, and my station as knight also corresponds with fire. Some people say this makes me double trouble, but I disagree. Yes, I can be combustible at times, but only when I’m not being listened to when I feel disrespected or misunderstood.

Knight Of Wands Meaning
Knight Of Wands Meaning (as expressed in the first-person)

I’m audacious in my mannerisms. I’m fearless too, and will confront anyone with either the tip of my lance, or my sparkly smile depending on which side I need to play. I enjoy taking people off guard. Not in a mean-spirited way – I just like to see their reactions to my sometimes shocking behavior. To be sure, I am the life of the party, and love to have fun.

My father, (the King of Wands) tries to keep a short rein on me, but this tactic rarely works. I always want to bust out and conquer, or devour new territory. When dad does let me loose, I am the most powerful tool in his arsenal because I am swift, bold and sometimes ruthless in my execution (I often take people by surprise). I’m also strongly motivated to get my way, this makes me very effective in my tasks.

My bright auburn hair is a physical trait of my passion, and nobody can resist my crisp, emerald eyes. I’ve been told I have sharp features, pointy nose and jawbone. I have no problems courting and wooing because I’ve got striking looks and charming words. In fact, I have a silver tongue and a remarkable gift for persuasion.

When you see me in the cards, I’m going to shake you up. I will make you move, I want to shift you into a new paradigm. Just pay attention to where I’m taking you because there is no telling where we will end up on the trail!

Yours truly,

The Knight of Wands “

Some symbols the Knight of Wands wields

Knight Of Wands Meaning Armor

Armor: The symbolic meanings of armor deal with protection, preparation, and strength. Most Tarot deck renditions depict all the knights in full armor (knights typically represents action and strength). The armor indicates a need to protect ourselves when engaging in activities referenced in a reading. More about armor meaning in Tarot here.

Knight Of Wands Meaning Lizard

Lizard: With symbol meanings of renewal, vision, enlightenment, and rebirth, the lizard makes its appearance on the male court cards in the suit of rods. The lizard (or salamander in some renditions) suns itself on these cards to signify the importance of vision in the midst of the action. In fact, in ancient times (particularly in alchemical lore), it was believed that the lizard renewed its sight by looking into the sun. A symbol of demure perspective in the face of monumental physical force – the lizard is a tiny reminder that big results come from small, conscious efforts. Get more about lizard meanings here.

Knight Of Wands Meaning Mountain

Mountains: Seen on many of the cards, mountain symbol meanings deal with triumph, challenge, attainment, and realization. Mountains also represent timelessness and an endurance that is infinite. When those mountains peak out of the cards into our attention, we may consider the vastness of our universe, and contemplate our place within it. We may also want to consider the heights to which we are climbing, and what the realization of our goals may mean for us and those around us. Note, these mountains have also presented themselves as pyramids to my eyes. If you see pyramids as a key symbol in the Knight of Wands, it may indicate industry and creative productivity. It may also indicate a need to honor your creative side, and focus on artistic skills

Some questions the Knight of Wands asks:

  • Do you need a change of pace?
    Hop on my horse and let me take you for a high-speed ride. Together we will joust through whatever blockages you might have.
  • Why do you care what they think?
    Follow my lead, be as outrageous as I am. Blaze a trail, be a rebel. Success never favors the timid.
  • Have you lost your creative voice?
    I can boost your confidence and give you the voice of authority in your spiritual and creative endeavors.
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