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Meaning of Tarot Pentacles

Tarot Pentacles Meaning Food for Thought on the Tarot Pentacles Suit

About Tarot Pentacles Meaning

The pop star Madonna said: "We're living in a material world." I don't necessarily agree with this conveyance, but I do know the Tarot pentacles are a glimpse into the world of material & physical matters.

All of the four categories of the Tarot are equally important. However, the pentacles tend to grab our attention because these represent what has become manifest in the physical world

Many Tarot scholars place the pentacles as the last suit in the ordering of the Tarot deck because they are the result of the elements brought about by executing elements of the other suits.

In other words, emotion (cups), thought (swords), and spirit/creativity (wands) brings about a culmination of events that manifest themselves in our physical (pentacle) reality.

Not all of us may be living in Madonna's material world, but we can agree that all of us are most certainly subjects and objects of the physical plane.

The scope of the Tarot pentacles spans across everything physical you can conceptualize. Here are the physical issues of the pentacles:

  • Health
  • Money
  • Homestead
Tarot Pentacles image from Aquarian deck permission granted by U.S. Games

But we know that everything about the Tarot is multi-dimensional, so we know there are much deeper meanings to the Tarot pentacles than just materialism.

I would encourage you to spread out the suit of pentacles before you in order. Observe these 14 cards in earnest. They will begin to tell you a story of balance and goodness that is wrought by our own actions.

The pentacles serve as a taproot of the Tarot deck. Your observations of this suit will take you to the richest reaches of the earth where immeasurable gifts are found.

While gazing at your suit of pentacles, contemplate the deeper meanings this facet of the Tarot has to offer you, such as:

  • Faith
  • Charity
  • Bounty
  • Equality
  • Generosity
  • Reciprocity
  • Appreciation
  • Dedication
  • Groundedness
  • Responsibility
  • Determination

Pretty heavy-hitting concepts, aren't they? Did these concepts occur to you while gazing at the Tarot pentacles? What other deeper meanings come to your awareness? Write these down, keep a little journal about your thoughts, feelings and experiences with the pentacles. The more you get to know the overall feeling of this suit, the better your interpretations will be.

Refer to this chart while you continue to observe the intricacies of this suit. What kind of associations can you add? Do you agree with these associations? What would you change?

The Tarot is an intensely personal mode of communication. Volumes have been written to help us interpret and clarify various meanings pertaining to it. However, ultimately you are the only interpreter who matters. Therefore, associations and meanings are your prerogative.

There are many examples to draw upon when relating these deeper meanings (above listed) to the pentacles. The prime example here is nature itself. All of these elements can be found in nature, and this is the backbone of the pentacles message.

Nature is a vast web of generosity, bounty, and balance. Look around at the simplest wonders in our physical world: A tree, flower, a blade of grass. Their very existence is the purest expression of generosity.

Nature is a cornucopia filled with gifts of grace. To use the ?reap as we sow? analogy, we as humans have the ability to enhance these gifts by properly sowing our seeds in fertile soils and tending to them diligently.

Tarot card suit of pentacles
A.K.A.: Discs, Coins
Symbolism: Health, Wealth, Physical
Colors: Tarot pentacles color association
Seasons: Fall
Zodiac: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Elements: Tarot pentacles associate with earth element
Realm: Home & Hearth
Playing Card: Tarot pentacles associate with the playing card suit of diamonds
Gender: Female
Directions: East

Among your Tarot pentacle associations of health, wealth, and physical properties, also consider the deeper meanings provided by the earth and nature itself.

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Tarot pentacles image shown at top of page is from the Aquarian deck. Permission for image use granted by US Games, Inc.

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