Five of Wands Meaning

Five Of Wands Meanings

About Five of Wands
Meaning in Tarot

As the suit of rods hearkens to fiery creativity, the five of wands infers some creative ideas floating around, and no shortage of opinions on how to implement them.

Thankfully, nobody is getting wounded in the creative process.

Some keywords bandying about in the five of wands Tarot card meaning:

  • Debate
  • Opinion
  • Conflict
  • Practice
  • Contrast
  • Sparring
  • Challenge
  • Unfocused
  • Participation
  • Disagreement
  • Disorganization
  • Meeting of minds
  • Creative disruption

Note none of the rods are causing crippling blows to the men in the card. No jaw-breaking. No rib-poking. All the rods are merely making contact with other rods. This gives us the impression of defense; passionate defending of ideas and opinions – but no life-threatening damage.

When the five of wands butts its way into our reading a meeting of the minds is key. Although potentially unpleasant, it will likely lead to a creative outlet in which all parties hammer out a phenomenal, unified idea.

The green grass underfoot indicates the fertile soil of ingenuity and inspiration as the base of the subject in a reading. Happily, the five of rods indicates no shortage of promising aspects:

  • Willing manpower to fuel the fire of inspiration
  • Tons of fodder for more ideas and creative growth (fertile green ground)
  • Potential for clarity and resolution (clear blue skies in the background)
  • Passionate, bright minds willing to share opinions openly
Five Of Wands Meanings
Five Of Wands Meanings

In spite of all that potential, the five of wands reflects an outcry for:

  • Strong leadership in a group of (sometimes unruly) people and/or thoughts. This is going to be in an spiritual or artistic setting, and these environments tend to bee loose and amoebic without strong guidance.
  • Organization of ideas, people, thoughts, purpose, vision and/or opinion. This card signals a lot of erratic energy flailing all over the place, and invites the reader to get hold of it with a goal to obtain order.
  • Maintain passion without squelching the fire. With so much enthusiasm and heated debate over the subject, it can be hard to organize and lead without sucking all the fun out of the group. Remember, the rods are tapping against each other, not pummeling or injuring. Find temperance.
  • Find common ground. We can maintain that enthusiasm by finding commonalities in ideas and perspectives. This is it he catalyst for the success of the group (whether it be a group of people, or a collection of ideas we may have).

Some symbols sparring in the five of wands Tarot card meaning:

Blue meaning in Tarot

Blue: The color blue is symbolic of expression and communication, especially in the form of speech. Corresponding with the Vishudha chakra, also known as the laryngeal or throat chakra, blue is a hue dealing with enunciating our “true blue” passions. Interestingly, this chakra also rules the hearing senses – a reminder it’s just as vital to speak our minds as it is to hear the thoughts of others in effective communication. See also color symbolism and the Tarot page here.

symbolic garden and field meaning in Tarot

Earth: On some level, all threads of life are first woven with the fiber of Earth. This interconnectedness reminds us not only is the earth a stabilizing and a wholly physical symbol, but it also represents a network. Earth is synonymous with belonging. She represents community and shared wisdom. Earth also embodies the concept of solid ground. We’ve released the limitations of the “small mind” and returned to the foundation of our true nature. Get more about earth symbolism here.

Questions tossed up in the five of wands Tarot card:

  • Do I always need to be right in a conversation?
  • Am I listening to other points of view, or am I always looking for a way to get my own point across?
  • What is the common denominator?
  • Where can I find common ground in this conflict?
  • What if all the good stuff came from contrast?
  • Do I feel like I have to fight for my cause?
  • Can I accomplish more with empathy and temperance?
  • What is my idea of effective leadership?
  • Does that leadership model work in every situation?
  • How do I feel about compromise?
  • Are my organization methods appropriate and effective?
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