Lessons from Tarot Teachings

lessons from tarot teachings

Big Lessons from Tarot Teachings
Avia’s Learning Experience

Lessons Learned From Tarot Teachings

Working and building this website has been pretty transformational. I’ve learned a lot of lessons Tarot Teachings. Big, profound stuff, like the crazy non-linear way life moves. Or the complex and intricate connections between humans. Moreover, I’ve gotten empowering insights about this world and this Universe within which we live. Indeed, the Tarot is a great dispenser of wisdom.

But what about the actions we take in response to our work with the Tarot? When I get a zinger of an revelation from the Tarot, I do my best to act on it.

This website is a great example. You see, Tarot Teachings.com is a result from working with Tarot. Now, I don’t read for myself. For various reasons, I just don’t do it. Nonetheless, I DO work with the Tarot. I contemplate its multi-layered wisdom. I apply the cards to life. It’s a great tool that illustrates a lot about how life works.

Working with Tarot spurred the action to create this website. So, what’s this ‘big lesson’ I learned from Tarot Teachings? Interestingly, the big lesson didn’t come directly from the Tarot. It came from the website itself.

Whoa? Yeah. Indulge me while I explain?

Anything Worth Having is Worth Working For

I started this site in 2007. Since then, I’ve been adding, and improving upon it. This wasn’t always the case. Around 2011, for no good excuse, I went AWOL on Tarot Teachings. I simply quit adding content. I stopped improving. In essence, the website got little (if any) of my attention.

Around 2013, I started thinking about giving the website a face-lift. I thought a lot about improving it. I had tons of thoughts about adding more content. That was the problem. It was all just fluffy thinking. I never acted on it.

Years went by and I was still ignoring Tarot Teachings. I basically treated the site like a red-headed step-child. Not good.

Anything worth having is worth working on. Did I say that already? Yeah, that’s because it’s a vital statement.

One day, after continued neglect, my world caved in. Put in a less dramatic way, Tarot Teachings crashed. Yep – my website was no more. Vanished. Wiped off the face of the Internet.

The hard-facts behind the website crash are irrelevant. What’s super-relevant is the subtle reasons the site went bust. Subtle? Yeah. For years I let Tarot Teachings.com die on the vine while I twiddled in my thoughts about improving it. I sat in a state of “I should do this” while I did nothing.

lessons from tarot teachings
Tarot Lessons about Gain and Loss

I discovered the crash-and-burn of Tarot Teachings quite by accident. When I found out, the website had been eradicated from the Internet for a full month. All of a sudden, the step-child became a lost child that I desperately wanted back. I was in a full-out panic to retrieve Tarot Teachings, and restore it to the status it deserved. I wanted to rekindle the passion and love I felt when I first started the site.

I’d be lying if I told you the only reason for this passion was to bring this dead website back to life. That was a part of my motivation. I was also motivated by other factors. Loss of income. Loss of visibility. Loss of ‘street-cred’. Loss of ranking on search engines. I lost it all.

But not completely lost. My website host, (SiteSell.com) retained a copy of my website (THANK YOU SO MUCH SITE SELL!). After paying my host fees, I was able to get the site back up. Wonderful, right? Yeah, I was so relieved. But I still lost a lot. A whole lot.

Joni Mitchell had it right: “We don’t know what we’ve got till it’s gone.” Oy, did I mention that already? Yep, as you can guess, it’s another vital gem from the big lesson vault.

Laurels-schmaurels. Tend to the Freaking Garden!

You can guess by now another big lesson through all of this was about sitting on my laurels. Tarot Teachings had ranked well in the search engines before the crash. I had street credit. 

lessons from tarot teachings
Lessons from building the Tarot Teachings website

But you don’t have to. You don’t have to go through that loss. You can make a choice right now to take action. Good action. Positive steps. It doesn’t take a mammoth push to make a difference. Nope. Just pull a few weeds. Plant a seed or two. Mulch around the bushes a bit. Take little steps to tend to your garden. Why? Because if you ignore it, you might lose it. And there’s nothing worse than the pang of regret due to our own negligence.

Just saying.

Acting on The Lesson

So what’s the status now? What have I done with these lessons?

  • I realized Tarot Teachings.com was successful because (initially) I worked hard at it. Anything worth having (or keeping) is worth working for.
  • I became humble and grateful. I became thankful for all I had in this site. What’s more, I realized all I had lost through my negligence. I didn’t know what I had until it was gone.
  • I got off my laurels! After getting the first two lessons through my thick skull, I started to get into action. I got out of ‘just thinking’ into ‘just do it!’ mode.

As of 2016, Tarot Teachings went through a major overhaul. I hope you like the face-lift. Furthermore, I’m adding new content all the time now. I’ve also created a dedicated Facebook page for TarotTeachings.com. 

I hope this post proved helpful in some way to you. I realize it’s not directly related to working with a Tarot deck. But it’s the Tarot that got this site up in the first place, so I thought it might be a viable contribution.

I intend on writing more contemplative posts like this. I’ve written ad infinitum about meaning of Tarot cards. Sure, the insights are there, but what about practical application? That’s where I’m heading now. How we can apply the wisdom of Tarot to our daily lives.

Sound interesting? I hope so. Stick with me. I solemnly vow I’ll never turn my back on you or this website again. So keep me in the loop, keep coming back, and know that I’m working to give you the best I know on Tarot Teachings.com

Thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,


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