Moon Signs in Tarot

Moon Signs in Tarot

Moon Signs in Tarot

When we think of moon signs, our minds might typically wander into the realm of astrology. Moon signs in astrology represent the shadow side of ourselves – our natural tendencies we may not openly show to others.

This is true of moon signs in the Tarot too. When we see moons in the Tarot, it’s a sign that there is something in the reading that might not be immediately clear to us.

Consider the moon itself. It makes no light of its own. Rather, it requires the light of the sun to illuminate its presence to our view.

Same goes with moon signs in the Tarot. The light of our consciousness and intuition must be shed on the subtle nuances of these cards in order for our readings to become fully illumined.

The moon card in specific is a marvelous archetype, and embodies all of the mystery and wonder of the moon. Among other symbolic meanings, the Tarot moon card deals with:

  • Time
  • Cycles
  • Shadow
  • Intuition
  • Passivity
  • Femininity
  • Yin energy
  • Psychic influence
  • Evolution of the inner selves

You can read more about the moon Tarot card here.

Moon Signs in Tarot
Moon Signs in Tarot

Moon signs make their appearances in other cards too, like the Chariot, the Priestess, the Two of Swords and Eight of Cups (in the Rider-Waite rendition).

When you come across the moon in this and other Tarot deck renditions, keep the nature of the moon in full view of your awareness.

If you’re offering a reading for a client, and moons in any of the Tarot cards speak to you – consider the symbolism of the moon in your reading for greater enhancement of meaning.

If you’re completely enchanted with the moon, and all she represents (like I am), you may also like the The Deviant Moon Tarot deck (link to Amazon). I have this deck and it’s totally amazing.

If you’re interested in astrological lunar signs, take a look at my page on moon signs and meanings (on my symbolism site) here.

Don’t know your moon sign? I’ve got an astrological moon sign calculator for you here.

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