Children in Tarot Meanings

Children In Tarot

Children in Tarot Symbolic Meanings

Children in Tarot are symbolic and ultimate knowers of truth because they are closest to the Source. Life experience hasn’t beat the freshness of higher spiritual knowing out of them (yet, and hopefully not ever).

And so, that’s what I like to hone in on when I see children dancing in the cards during a reading. I am reminded we all, at some point we each maintained a super-close connection with our Divine source. And, once experienced, we all have the capacity to return to that place of acceptance, Knowing – that place where we are intrinsically connected to a fathomless energy that is both sustaining and integral to our well-being.

When I see children in the Tarot, I’m prompted broach the subject of returning to a time of simplicity with my client. A time in which laughter bubbles out the top of our behavior. A time in which our faith is unquestionable because our knowledge of our divinity simply IS. A time when our magnificence is matter-of-fact and we are fearless because we know this life is ours for full-on living. Children are testimonials that all is well.

Children In Tarot
Children In Tarot

Children in the Tarot make symbolic reference to many things such as…

Keywords for Children in Tarot

  • Youth
  • Honesty
  • Innocence
  • Beginnings
  • Simplicity
  • Nostalgia
  • Playfulness

I didn’t include valid keywords like “immaturity” or “underdevelopment” to the list of symbolic meanings of children in the Tarot.

Why? Because I’m of a mind children come into this world fully equipped, fully developed, and quite mature to handle what they find here. True, babies have physical dependence upon others in order to meet their needs, but when it comes to broader aspects of living: Spirit, Soul, Mentality – kids have a superior rank.

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