Temperance Tarot Card Meanings

Temperance Tarot Card Meanings

Temperance Tarot Card Meanings

So many of the Tarot cards (seemingly all of them to one extent or another), deal with balance and its importance in our lives. Yes, certainly the Temperance Tarot card meanings are about balance. But there’s more to it than that.

We have to be thoughtful in our appproach to this card because its meaning won’t hit us over the head like a ton of bricks. Rather, it’s a subtle card that whispers in our ear “come closer.”

Key Words for the Temperance Tarot Card Meanings

  • Merging
  • Balance
  • Healing
  • Blending
  • Connection
  • Chemistry
  • Fluidity
  • Moderation

As we lean in closer to hear with our spiritual ears exactly what Temperance has to say – we find we aren’t listening for words at all. What we hear is the tranquil waters running through our spirits. These are cleansing rivers that run through our energies, providing us with peace and healing. Imagine you are diving into these crystal clear waters. Diving in is an act of connecting to our source and by connecting we find rejuvenation in the rhythmic flow of healing waters moving through us. Mesmerizing, isn’t it?

Temperance Tarot Card Meanings

There is a lot of power in this card, and the “flow” is the source of that power. The Temperance card is a call for us to recognize the flow in our own lives, and observe the nature of energy. When we pull this card in a reading it is an indication that a healing is in need or is taking place. It is also a sign that subtle shifts are or need to take place in order to gain that peaceful scene we see pictured in this card.

When we quietly and objectively investigate our life’s path we begin to see patterns. Temperance encourages us to take these patterns and find a good balance in our lives. Envision the flowing waters of this card and see all the imbalance drifting away in your life. When moderation is put into play, and we connect with a natural flow, then healing begins to occur at all levels.

The keyword chemistry is included here because Temperance deals with mixing the right ingredients in our lives in order to flow easily upon the path of our choosing. It takes a little time to balance the load just right, but once we do we experience some tremendous breakthroughs in our progress.

On a more day-to-day level, the Temperance card often indicates a commitment to sobriety, a healing taking place, a need for emotional stability, and a need for self-love. Very often spiritual seekers will pull this card as a promise of new growth after they’ve experienced spiritual “drought.”

Key Symbols Relative to Temperance Tarot Card Meanings:

This section focuses on a few select symbols that can help us further define the Temperance Tarot card meanings.

Temperance symbolic cup meaning

Cups: The cups transferring the waters here are a symbol of finding the right mix, keeping in motion, and going with the flow. The cups and the water have also been thought as a biblical symbol reminiscent of Christ turning water into wine. The symbolism here is that we are able to transform any situation into something different by our tempering our thoughts and actions in such a way as to bring about the results we desire.

Temperance symbolic foot meaning

Feet: Feet are symbolic of a pilgrimage, and make reference to our spiritual walk. The right foot (consciousness) is dipped into the water which is symbolic of the subconscious. This is a signal that our analytical minds need to be hushed for a bit. The left foot (unconsciousness) is settled on land which is a signal to ground ourselves. Again – this card is all about balance. As we align our mind, body and spirit we begin to see amazing results in our lives.

Temperance symbolic triangle meaning

Triangle: In Ancient Egypt, the Triangle was seen as a symbol of intelligence and indicated the capacity for love. The Buddhists utilize this geometric pattern in the Sri Yantra mandala as a tool to invoke the energy of love. The triangle also deals with the love represented in the mother, father, child union as well as the holy trinity. As mentioned earlier, as a graphic representation of an inverted triangle, it symbolizes a vessel in which love is poured or carried. Additionally, this symbol has long been recognized as a sign of balance and creativity.

Key Questions Relative to the Temperance Tarot Card Meanings:

When contemplating the Temperance Tarot card meanings, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you go with the flow, or do you struggle with change?
  • What can you do to create more peace and balance in your life?
  • Are you on a life path that forks in the road? Are you torn between two paths?
  • What thoughts, beliefs, or actions can you merge together to create harmony in your life?
  • What would it take for you to get just the right mix or find a happy medium in your life?
  • Are you concerned about your health? If so, what steps can you take to strike a healthy balance?
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