High Priestess Card in a Reading

High Priestess Card in a Reading

Exploring the High Priestess Card in a Reading: Sacred knowing, intuition, hunches, wisdom, oh my!  The High Priestess rules the realm of psychic perception. When she shows up in our readings, it’s time to trust intuition and let imaginations loose. Why? Because intuition, free association, imagination, and dreamy realms are where true wisdom resides. The Priestess knows this – and she’s here to remind you of that in a reading.  

The High Priestess challenges us to solve problems outside the realm of orthodoxy or conventionalism.  She wants us to find solutions through our extrasensory perception.  She knows we are born with extraordinary instinct, heightened awareness – and she is our coach and guide in finding the answers we seek.

High Priestess in a Reading - Upright
High Priestess in a Reading – Upright

Meaning of the High priestess Card in a Reading – Upright Position

  • Trust
  • Knowing
  • Intuition
  • Hidden Powers
  • Ancient Wisdom
  • Subtle Strengths
  • Psychic Perception
  • Balancing Energies
  • Alternative Thinking

Upright High Priestess Card Meaning – Summary

Pay attention to the knowledge that is cloaked.  That sounds vague, but that’s the whole point. The overarching meaning of the Priestess (upright) in a reading means that answers are available – they’re just not readily evident.  Peel back the layers of your innermost knowing. Pay attention to subtle cues and clues.  Seek signs for your next step in innovative ways.

Speedy High Priestess Card Meanings (Upright)

Love: What is hidden in the relationship?  Look for unspoken cues such as body language, and of course, trust your intuition when it comes to connecting with your love-mate.  Also, get serious about harmony and balance in the partnership.

Money: In a reading, the Priestess represents unnoticed or secret opportunities lurking about. This might mean untapped resources you’ve not yet considered.  The Priestess might also want you to go over financial documents again in order to gain clarity. This is often the case when you must advocate for earnings and get the right amount of financial gain you deserve. In terms of income from work, this upright card encourages you to stay focused on your vision, trust in your dreams, and make empowered choices for your greatest achievements.

Family:  The Priestess is a figure of authority.  She is giving, yet she demands respect because she’s earned her stripes and come a long way baby.  Therefore, when this upright card turns up in your reading – it’s time to take a strong hand to stabilize and balance family matters. Realize you have the power and employ confidence, prudence, and wisdom when dealing with your family tribe.

High Priestess Card in a Reading - Reversed
High Priestess Card in a Reading – Reversed

High Priestess Card Meanings in a Reading – Reversed Position Keywords

  • Misunderstandings
  • Lack of Faith
  • Unconfident
  • Imbalance
  • Mistrust
  • Denial

Overall High Priestess Card Meaning – Reversed

You’ve turned your back on your inner wisdom, or shut your perception down to the extent you aren’t listening to that “still small voice” that can be the ultimate guide in your life.  Furthermore, the reversed Priestess implies a break in belief or faith.  There has been some kind of quake in the foundation that has shifted levels of confidence, trust, and power.

Speedy High Priestess Card Meanings (Reversed)

Love: This card reversal may indicate instability in your romantic relationship.  The foundation your partnership was built on is not as it was.  Trust your feelings and intuition to restore balance. Furthermore, the reversed Priestess may indicate it’s time to make a decision to choose a different path in love matters.

Money: Reversed, the Priestess suggests something of great value has been taken from you.  Take an empathic view at situations that suggest loss, lack, or leaking out resources.  Get advice about recapturing what has been lost so you can regain financial stability in your money or career. 

Family: You’ve probably sensed a “disturbance in the force” when it comes to the family if the reversed Priestess appears in your reading. It’s time to get honest about what is really going on in your household.  Utilize compassion, show your authority, but do it in a subtle manner – don’t bring down the hammer – establish harmony with a soft touch, and employ intuition to regain stability in the tribe.

Meaningful Questions the High Priestess in a Reading Asks

When contemplating the meaning of the High Priestess card in a reading, ask yourself the following questions:

  • There’s something I know, but I’m not listening to my gut. Why?
  • Am I balancing the conventional (expected) actions versus unconventional (unique responses) in this situation?
  • What is hidden in this situation, and what can help me uncover the mystery?
  • Am I recognizing my specialized gifts, and employing them in my life?

Mighty brightly,

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