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Angels as Tarot Symbols
Meaning of Angels in the Tarot

Angel Symbol Meaning in Tarot

Angel Symbolic
Meaning in Tarot

Angels, at their most basic are Tarot symbols representing messages. In fact the word angel comes from the Greek word angelos which means "messengers."

Angels are divine messengers, intermediaries and liaisons. They move easily between dimensions and realms. They can do this because they are intimately aware with the ways of energy and spirit.

So, when angel flies into your awareness in the Tarot, it's a good idea to consider what kind of messages are winging their way into your life. Bear in mind angels may show themselves to you through the cards. Surrounding cards in a reading might point to the divine message you are intended to receive.

Angels as Tarot symbols represent:

  • Clarity
  • Messages
  • Purpose
  • Combination
  • Communication
  • Higher Thinking
  • Opening awareness

Angels as Tarot Symbols

Angels are also symbolic of communication in general, and when these magnificent beauties show up in the cards it may be a signs to take a look at how we communicate with others. You'll know which area of communication by surrounding cards. For example, if you have a prevalence of cups in the cards, your angel may be asking you to work on communicating more effectively in your love relationships.

As Tarot symbols, angels also speak to us about balancing our energies. Angels themselves are a combination of many different consciousnesses. They have human and spirit energies running through their veins, and this offers them unique perspectives.

An angel's attention is wholly different that most humans because humans tend to submerge themselves more stubbornly in the physical. Angels...not-so-much. They realize their status of mostly non-physical. Yet, they honor the physical too. This speaks to us about finding the right balance between spirit and matter.

This ties in with angel symbolism of higher thinking, and opening awareness. When we follow the example set by angels - we will obtain that level of higher awareness that positions us for illumination.

View angels in the Tarot cards by clicking here (new browser window will open).

I hope you have enjoyed these observations on the angels as Tarot symbols.

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