Fish Meaning in Tarot

Fish Meaning in Tarot

Symbolic Fish Meaning in Tarot

When we consider symbolic fish meaning in Tarot, we enter the watery realms of profound emotion, dreams, and intuition. We see fish in the suit of cups, so we’re talking about deeply stirring movements within the psyche and the soul.

Sure, the cups commonly offer a quick-reference to matters of love. But more emphatically – cups address the underlying essence of love; the fathomless stuff that cannot be perceived or expressed by mundane methods.

That’s where our fishy friends excel in Tarot symbolism. Metaphorically, fish meaning, and behavior notes the ability to:

  • Absorb data and regulate.
  • Are rarely overcome by emotional flooding.
  • Pick up on unspoken language.
  • Move and react according to intuitive instinct.
  • Are uniquely equipped to maneuver and interact with their environment.
  • Abide by the flow, move with the current, accepting the yawning void in which they live.

That’s what fish do. And that’s what we are encouraged to do when moving through the deeper realms of emotion. Fish swim in the Tarot because they are living examples in nature illustrating how visceral knowledge of an environment is obtained via methods outside common sensory perception.

Furthermore, the realms of love, perception, and emotion are like other-dimensional planets. What do I mean by that? Consider: Rules in love (if love could even claim to have rules) do not apply as they do in other situations.

Fish Meaning in Tarot
Fish Meaning in Tarot

Keywords for Fish Meaning in Tarot

  • Flow
  • Depth
  • Emotion
  • Intuition
  • Creativity
  • Submerging
  • Transformation

Love, and other bottomless-type emotions are their own environment – requiring inhabitants to possess their own skill-sets for maneuvering. Fish too. On land, fish suck. But in water, they are divinely equipped. I think that’s noteworthy.

It makes me want to adopt gills when I delve more deeply into the emotions presented in a Tarot spread. It makes me want to rely a little less on my eyes, and more on a tympanic membrane – so I can perceive the pitch and rhythm of emotion rather than the face-value of it.

Fish know stuff, and they know it in sonic ways – acoustic ways – neural ways. When we’re talking about the realms of depth perception (emotional perception), we would do well to navigate these realms in extra-sensory ways too.

More about Fish Meaning in Tarot

And what if we don’t? What if we choose to deal with love, emotions and intuition in the same knee-jerk, robotic manner we’ve always applied to our perceptions?

Ever seen a fish out of water? Not pretty. I suspect the same unpleasant scenario occurs if humans refuse to intuitively swim the emotional waters.

At least, that’s what the fish meaning in Tarot has revealed in my experience.

Take time to swim with the fish in your every-day life as well as in the Tarot. Go to the aquarium, adopt a goldfish, hang out at your local pond or creek. Observe. Dream. Encounter the deeper energetic essence of the fish you observe. Then, breathe in the impressions that come to you. Breathe them in like warm fresh-water inspiration rushing through your gills of perception.

Then come back to the Tarot, mix in your fishy wisdom and stir the waters of emotions and dreams. Sense what comes to the surface for you.

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