Blindfold Symbolic Meanings in Tarot

Blindfold Meaning In Tarot

Blindfold Symbolic
Meaning in Tarot

These blindfold symbolic meanings can be rather bleak in implication. On a positive note, we can recall the adage “justice is blind,” meaning that the core of truth and highest integrity shall shine through. It means that the golden light of truth shines through the darkness (or blind view).

Another adage: “love is blind” carries positive symbolism. It implies our hearts are the ruler of our experience rather than hard facts available in external/common reality.

When the blindfold takes center stage in your readings, it may be an indication to “face facts.” Many of my readings have “taken the blindfold off” various issues my client’s were experiencing because he/she refused to face details about a conflicting situation. Just a willingness to take an objective look our challenges can go a long way in the process of healing.

Blindfold Meaning In Tarot
Blindfold Meaning In Tarot

The blindfold symbolic meanings in the Tarot is pretty straightforward. Here are a few ideas…

Keywords for Blindfold Symbolic Meanings

  • Naive
  • Denial
  • Blocked
  • Unbiased
  • Constricted
  • Avoidance
  • Limited views
  • Denial of facts
  • Sensory deprivation
  • Resistance to clarity
  • Allowing victimization
  • Blinded or skewed perception

We can also see the blindfold in terms of conscious and unconscious terms.

Consciously, we can choose to be guided through our lives by more than tactile perception. This means we purposefully live by how we feel rather than be what we see.

Unconsciously, we may be blindly moving through life – unaware of the divinity indwelling and surrounding us. In this way, we are clueless as to our power and the interconnectivity between external and internal influence.

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