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Flag Meaning
In the Tarot

Flag Meaning in Tarot

Symbolic Flag Meaning in Tarot

What do flags do? They signal. Announce. Proclaim. They wave and snap in our vision as an unmistakable proclamation. What's the message? Depends on the flag.

We see the flag flailing most obviously in the Tarot through the windows of the Death, Sun and Judgment cards. A fitting trinity. Feels like a resurrection-esque to me. Take a moment to look at these three cards, and you might get the same impression: An announcement of revolutionary transition.

I think that's why the flags of the Tarot of flying high. I think they signal the evolution of the human soul. I think they flag down the victory of human's victory over limitation and captivities of all kind.

Flag meaning in the Tarot asks these questions:

  • Where does your patriotism reside?

  • What territory are you staking for your own?

  • What important news do you have to proclaim?

  • To what are you wanting to draw other's attention?

Consider the flag meaning in the Death card. Traditionally, it's a black flag with a white segmented rose. Usually the rose is shown with five segments. It's a standardized icon seen in Arthurian, Rosicrucian, Alchemical and Golden Dawn circles to name a few. The five petals announce natural order. White is symbolic of purification. You can take a look at Rose symbolism in Tarot, but this flag in the Death card waves meanings of the natural cycles of life, rebirth, evolution.

arch meaning

The red flag waving in the Sun card signals a time of vitality. The child reborn proclaims freedom of self-expression and the flag is a symbol of the importance of being consumed by the warmth of enthusiasm. The flag in this card is a tribute to life reclaimed.

The equal-armed cross in the Judgment card announces restored balance. The equal-armed cross is symbolic of the foundational pillars of cosmic order: The cardinal direction, the four elements, the four observable stages of life (birth, childhood, adulthood, death) and the completion of a cycle therein. These are just a few representations the cross represents. The red of the cross (in the Rider-Waite version) is symbolic of sacrifice (of a spiritual Christly-kind, and/or the marks we endure as we daily give ourselves over to the life-exchanging process of existence). The white background of the flag is a promise of our cleanliness through this exchange - purity. (see also, Color Meanings in Tarot here)

When the flags of the Tarot raise the pole of your awareness, take some time to consider your announcements (to yourself and the world around you).

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Flags featured in the cards (Rider-Waite):

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