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Flower Meaning in Tarot

Flower Meaning in Tarot (image by Avia Venefica on Flickr)

Symbolic flower meaning in the Tarot is about precisely what we would expect it to be: Brightly blooming insight in our experience. Here are some keywords that might help round-out the feeling of flowers in the Tarot:

  • Blossoming
  • Expression
  • Beauty Appreciation
  • Pollination
  • Growth
  • Unfolding
  • Regeneration

Flowers are seen in many cards in the Tarot (especially considering all the different deck versions out there), but they seem to grow most obviously in the Six of Cups and Four of Rods. In both cards we are called to reunite that which is treasured in our hearts - be it a family tie or a partnership reconnection.

Different flowers go year 'round, but our attention is really focused on their presence during spring. After a long winter spell, there is nothing more invigorating that a sight of springtime flowers. This is highly appropriate, as it is symbolic of renewal, rebirth and new potential. In fact, in my readings, that's what the flowers in the Tarot are signaling - a time of new growth after a bit of a lull or stagnation.

Flowers remind us of the cyclical nature of life, and that energy is never extinguished - only recycled.

When flowers are grabbing your attention in the Tarot, it might be an invitation to consider your own levels of energy (or that of your clients). Are you in a "compost" phase of life (dormant/hibernating)? If so, what are you doing to nurture the blooms that will inevitably grow in your life experience when the season comes again?

Just because our path is not all roses and tulips doesn't mean we will never experience the lush beauty of new growth again. On the contrary, flower meaning in Tarot points to the inevitable presence of life burgeoning from deep ancient sources.

I've written more on the symbolism of flowers, perhaps these pages might offer you further insight about the flowers in your readings:

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Flower Zodiac Signs (for fun, and might be helpful in your Tarot readings too)

I hope this page, and the flower links to other information serves you well as you move through the infinite potential in flower symbolism on your path.

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