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Symbol Meanings of the Tarot

symbol meanings

Symbol meanings of Tarot are essential to our interpretational process. Indeed, symbols themselves serve as messages from our higher selves and the Universe. A prime reason why the Tarot is such an effective divining tool is because it deals with the common ground of symbols and their meanings.

The Tarot is a symbolic oracle, and as such, it is vital for us to recognize and understand its symbol meanings to assure a well-rounded reading of the cards.

Common Tarot symbols and their meanings have been included on this website for your growth, development and deeper understanding of the Tarot reading craft.

As you read the cards, you will notice certain symbols will catch your attention moreso than others. This is no accident.

When we gravitate toward specific features in a card, this is your intuition bringing to light important issues. When this happens, consider some of the symbol meanings provided below in conjuction with your reading. This will provide more clarity and insight to your overall reading.

Click on the links to begin viewing over 100 Tarot symbols and their meanings:

Tarot Symbols A - C

Tarot Symbols D - K

Tarot Symbols L - R

Tarot Symbols S - Z

Remember, symbol meanings are subject to your own perception. To clarify, if a symbol means something specific to you, then this is the meaning you should assign to that symbol. These pages simply offer a foundation of meanings to work with.

Important Note: The symbols selected for the creation of these pages were taken from the traditional Rider-Waite Tarot deck (permission notice listed on home page). Other deck renditions (such as the Morgan-Greer which is used to depict the card meanings on this website) may not display the same symbols as the Rider-Waite. For example, the Angel symbol is shown on the Rider-Waite "Wheel" card, but is not shown on the Morgan-Greer rendition.

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