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Meaning of Tarot Card Suits

Tarot Card Suit Meanings

Insights Into
the Tarot Card Suits

The purpose of the Tarot card suits is to categorize four major areas of life. The underlying thought here is that we are each quite different, yet all of us are ultimately the same, and undergo similar life experiences on our journey.

That is to say, almost all of us deal with thoughts, emotions, finances, health, and relationships on a daily basis. These core features of life are inevitable and inescapable for every human.

The creators of the Tarot understood this, and so created Tarot card suits to classify each of these separate issues so that interpreters of the cards could more clearly grasp the essence of the larger picture.

Tarot card suits are divided into four classifcations:

This is an ingenious system to assist the mind, psyche and soul in more deeply interpreting the subtle nuances of a reality.

By dividing out the four major aspects of the human saga, our psyche is able to magnetize all the pieces together into a full-featured masterpiece.

That's what the psyche does best. It transforms choppy bits of data into a fluid, unified stream of full awareness. This is also the process of Tarot interpretation. Essentially, the Tarot is designed much the same way our psyche in constructed. This is why the Tarot, to this day, is still the most utilized oracle and psychic development tool.

In this light, we can see the value of separate Tarot suits. It is when we delve deeper into each suit meaning that our understanding surpasses category, and flows into the unique wholeness of wisdom that the Tarot can provide.

The following is a chart of associations and symbols for the Tarot card suits. Most associations are self-explanatory. A.K.A. stands for "also known as" and notes other terms to which each suit might be referred. Also included in this comprehensive chart are playing cards associated with the Tarot suits, as well as color, season, and other associations.

Pentacles Wands Cups Swords
Tarot pentacles by Morgan-Greer Tarot card suit of wands by Morgan-Greer Tarot card suit of cups by Morgan-Greer Tarot card suit of swords by Morgan-Greer
A.K.A.: Discs, Coins Rods, Staves Chalices, Goblets Blades, Athame's
Symbolism: Health
Colors: Tarot pentacles color associationGreen Tarot wands color associationYellow Tarot cups color associationRed Tarot swords color associationIndigo
Seasons: Fall Spring Summer Winter
Zodiac: Taurus
Elements: Tarot pentacles associate with earth element
Tarot wands associate with fire element
Tarot cups associate with water element
Tarot swords associate with air element
Realm: Home Spirit Heart Mind
Playing Card: Tarot pentacles associate with the playing card suit of diamonds
Tarot wands associate with the playing card suit of clubs
Tarot cups associate with the playing card suit of hearts
Tarot swords associate with the playing card suit of spades
Gender: Female Male Female Male
Directions: East South West North

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Tarot suit images shown in the above chart are from the Morgan-Greer deck. Permission for image use granted by US Games, Inc.

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