Karmic Wheel Tarot Spread

Karmic Wheel Tarot Spread Tarot Layout

Karmic Wheel Tarot Spread

This Tarot spread and article was created by Donna L. Faber.

The Karmic Wheel Tarot Spread offers intuitive insight into the purpose of past life recognition in the context of a face to face reunion. Its circular configuration is reminiscent of the circle of eternity, or the circle of life, our numerous births and rebirths, and repeated opportunities to work out our karma. It reminds us of The Wheel tarot card itself, right down to the little devil that dances the wheels’ periphery. That devil, of course, is free will.

When we successfully work out karma with others, emotional blockage is cleared to make us a clearer, healthier vessel. Once healthier, we encourage the same in those around us and are able to support those who continue to struggle.

Use whatever tarot deck you are comfortable with, but ensure it has been imprinted with your energy.

This Tarot spread can be used to read for oneself or to read for others. The individual asking the questions is the Querent, and the other individual in the karmic duo is the Karmic Partner. If you are the Querent, the Karmic Partner is your karmic re-meet or the individual you are blessed to work out karma within this life.

Begin by first relaxing before the reading and focusing on your question, the past life re-meet you’re inquiring about, and shuffling the cards until you are satisfied they’ve been infused with your query. There are 11 pulls. The deck is reshuffled each time, cut three times to the right (clockwise), restacked, and then fanned out before you.

I jot down the cards as they emerge, and note them on the Wheel. This gives me a record. The card you pulled goes back in the deck, and you shuffle and fan again. By doing this, you give cards an opportunity to appear twice or repeatedly if their message is particularly strong. Should a card jump out of the deck when you’re shuffling (i.e., fall out, drop on the floor, etc.) that card should be used.

Diagram 1 of Karmic Wheel Tarot Spread

Karmic Wheel Tarot Spread Tarot Layout
Karmic Wheel Tarot Spread Tarot Layout

When the cards are on the Wheel (as in Diagram 1), you’ll see the final card, card #11, is the axis of the Wheel, and most of the cards become the spokes.

Cards to the left of the axis are Querent cards, and to the right are Karmic Partner cards. Also, as intuited by Avia, cards #1, #2, #3, and #4 are in a sacred cross formation, which may have special significance for some of you. This formation allows us to identify adjacencies, or similarities and relationships between cards (which imply stronger messages) later on in the reading.

I’d like to lead you through card placement using a reading I did for myself recently as an example. This reading was done on a karmic re-meet that I’ve recently experienced and am currently working through.

Karmic Wheel Tarot Spread Meanings

Card #1 – What is the overall karmic meaning of this relationship, why have you met again, and what are you the two of you supposed to be working out?

Card #2 – What is the Querent’s karmic inheritance, i.e., what do you bring to this re-meet?

Card #3 – What is the Karmic Partner’s inheritance, i.e., what does he/she bring to this re-meet?

Card #4 – What is the past of this karmic relationship (the past life)?

Card #5 – What are the Querent’s past burdens, hopes or fears?

Card #6 – What are the Karmic Partner’s past burdens, hopes or fears?

Card #7 – What does the Karmic Partner mean to the Querent at this time?

Card #8 -What does the Querent mean to the Karmic Partner?

Card #9 – What can the Querent do for this re-meet/relationship now?

Card #10 -What can the Karmic Partner do for this re-meet/relationship now?

Card #11 – What is the FINAL OUTCOME (the axis) of this reading?

Diagram 2 of Karmic Wheel Tarot Spread Sample Reading

Karmic Wheel Tarot Spread Tarot Layout
Karmic Wheel Tarot Spread Tarot Layout (Example Reading)

Card #1 – What is the overall karmic meaning of this relationship, why have you met again, and what are you the two of you supposed to be working out?

8 SWORDS: There is an expressed desire to get out of an oppressive situation. Feeling trapped in a negative cycle of events, the message points to an escape from oppression (as opposed to release). Awareness of limiting thoughts. Awareness of perceptions about conflict.

Card #2 – What is the Querent’s karmic inheritance, i.e., what do you bring to this re-meet?

THE LOVERS:A major arcana card takes precedence over other cards in a spread. This is a beautiful and powerful card in the Tarot Art Nouveau. Its message is louder and more significant in context to where other cards lie, as well. It speaks to sexual or emotional love, intimacy, sudden unpredictable changes, newness, friendship, sisterhood and the promise one will no longer be alone. It portends a “saving grace” of sorts, as well. This card serves as a reminder that healthy partnership and equal communication on a loving level can be attained.

Card #3 – What is the Karmic Partner’s karmic inheritance, i.e., what does the Karmic Partner bring to this re-meet?

10 CUPS: Unusual or unconventional relationships, “emotion will rock the ocean”, a renewed bond. This individual is at times emotional and moody, but for the most part adaptable and flexible. “If you want your relationships to improve, you must improve the relationship with yourself.” (see Source List, #1) Reminder of roots. Reminder of familial ties. A grounding that is re-connected for the Querent.

Card #4 – What are the past life dynamics of this karmic relationship?

STRENGTH: Challenging situations pertaining to business, family matters, issues stemming from the past, spiritual fortitude. A strong desire for personal space. This card declares there are powerful spiritual forces at work.

Card #5 – What are the Querent’s burdens, hopes or fears?

KNIGHT OF PENTACLES: Knights often portend of incoming activity. This card speaks to efforts that are rewarded in more ways than one, references real estate, and peace of mind or personal fulfillment. This is a good card that reveals tiny insecurities, however, and expresses a desire to express oneself with power and authority.

Card #6 – What are the Karmic Partner’s burdens, hopes or fears?

7 PENTACLES: Dreaming and hoping for establishment, stability, security and provision. A desire to be provided for. Anxiety and tension.

Card #7 – What does the Karmic Partner mean to the Querent?

TEMPERANCE: A strong card that indicates someone who seeks a second chance. This card advises the Querent to watch the subtle flow of natural magic within the context of this relationship. Go with the flow, because the flow will take you to the right destination. Spiritual encouragement. Positive change. Balance, leading the way to awareness that the alchemical ingredients are in hand for the right mixture of emotion, intellect, and spirit for healing and transition.

Card #8 – What does the Querent mean to the Karmic Partner?

THE FOOL: Another strong card which focuses on faith, hope, trust, and contentment. The possibility of a brighter tomorrow, a desire to be happy. Divine discontentment, or emerging from one’s comfort zone, can be very strange. Let go and let God. The innocence, youthful exuberance and impetuousness of this card must be tempered carefully with experience and discernment, lest the Karmic Partner jump in too far too soon. To the Karmic Partner, the Querent represents an awareness of the folly of the illusion of control.

Card #9 – What can the Querent do for this relationship now?

PAGE OF SWORDS: This is a strong Taurus card which asks the Querent to be steady, earth bound, solid, and consistent. Remain aware, vital and bright so as to relay the message of the Temperance card and its position in the spread.

Card #10 – What can the Karmic Partner do for this relationship now?

10 SWORDS: Surrender to the forthcoming knowledge. Move out of conflict by turning to the light. Realize the potential that indeed fulfillment, satisfaction, and security can be obtained.

Card #11 – Final outcome for this Tarot spread reading or the Axis Card.

THE STAR: Two women rejoice. The focus is on faith, the future, and what could be. Things will work out better than expected, and faith in the future will burn brightly again (after a period of quiet). Hope. Promise. Healing. “Under a great deal of pressure, stars are made. Likewise, under pressurized circumstances starlight breaks through the relationship to become a perfect reflection and balance. Balance will manifest in then heart and mind. Reflection will manifest in a new awareness of the life’s vast potential and possibilities (even a break in karmic cycle) for the Karmic Partner (by Avia).”

Adjacencies on The Wheel

Once the reading is complete, and cards have been noted on the Wheel, view the diagram for major arcana placement, a preponderance of numbers or suits, and where they happen on the Wheel. Parallels occurring on the same side of the circle pertain to that individual. Parallels that occur across from one another pertain to that question. Major arcana cards appearing indicate a very strong influence and may point readily across the Wheel to other areas of importance.

Here are examples of what I found in the above reading:

Cards #7 and #8 (major arcana cards directly across from one another on the Wheel) – What do the Querent and Karmic Partner mean to one another now?

Temperance helps to balance the Fool.

A critical placement and strong message as the Fool indicates a desire to break free from perceived restraints with youthful exuberance and impulsiveness. Temperance reaches across The Star to be a steady or guiding influence.

Cards #2 and #4 (one major arcana card reaches across the Axis) – What is the joined karmic inheritance of this re-meet?

The Lovers (dominant card) reach across The STAR (The Axis) to the 10 of Wands (lesser card on the opposite side of the wheel).

Love in its many forms is the basis of this re-meet, yet the placement of major arcana cards place emphasis on the Querent to use discernment. It also means caring, closeness and sisterhood. Sisterhood between women in the modern world is sorely needed.

Cards #5 and #6 (pentacles reach across the Axis toward one another) — Present burdens, hopes and fears ?

Pentacles in this placement indicate karma being enacted in the present time.

This indicates a potential for achievement in this world, the physical world, or karma acting out in the manifest world. Karma seeks to be worked out on both sides of the Wheel, as both individuals have complimentary hopes, burdens and fears. Again, this is of lesser import than major arcana adjacencies, although its message should not be minimized.

Cards #3 and #10 (A preponderance of 10’s side by side) 10’s on the Karmic Partner’s side of the Wheel ?

This placement indicates the number 1, as there are no 10’s in numerology (1+0=10). For the Karmic Partner, whose side this placement is on, this suggests a cyclical beginning signaling a major change from one thing to another and a time when one must come to terms with something that may have avoided in the past.

Karmic Wheel Tarot Spread Summary

The various card placements and adjacencies in this Tarot spread, and the presence of major arcana cards, suggest a strong message manifesting in real time. This manifestation is present, in motion, and acknowledged by either the Querent or the Karmic Partner.

We might recap this reading as follows:

Two individuals have known one another in a past life and are given another chance to work out their karma in this one. Their meeting is a catalyst toward working out karma with others, as well. Powerful spiritual forces are at work.

The potential for this relationship is a unique, deep love that crosses space and time and is reminiscent of and could once again be sisterhood. The Querent bears the burden of discernment in this situation because the Karmic Partner has not yet experienced an awakening that is spiritual or other. When the Karmic Partner steps off the precipice and does awaken, balance and good judgment must be used to temper what could be an enthusiastic embracing of renewed life. The Karmic Partner must come to terms with something she’s avoided in the past in order to address her relationship with herself before finding her worthiness, which will open the door to greater love.

Key Words for this Reading

  • Hope
  • Grace
  • Balance
  • Healing
  • Potential
  • Awareness
  • Sisterhood
  • Determination
  • Unpredictability

Elemental Axis

Earth acting as water, tempered by fire.

Reading Numerology

10 = 1 + 0 = 1 or “I”

End Notes on Karmic Wheel Tarot Spread

Past life recognition is a facet of spirituality that solicits different ideas, opinions, and experiences from the spiritually minded. It revolves around reincarnation, or the belief that we are spiritual entities who have a number, perhaps a myriad, of past lives. It assumes that we meet people from those lives in this one.

I’ve experienced past life recognition since I was a child, and the most significant relationships I’ve had are with people I’ve known “before”. It starts with a face to face meeting, is followed thereafter by a resounding ping in my head, and then there is an emotional experience that can range from strictly platonic to downright romantic or sexual in nature. All of these karmic re-meets occur for a reason. Our challenge is to understand what the reason is and honor it to the best of our ability.

There are a few “house rules” to adhere to when working with past life recognition of this type. First, always honor the person before you. Past life re-meets can be confusing because of the depth of emotion you feel for someone you “just met”. If we remember to honor the divinity in everyone, we won’t go wrong.

Second, try not to hung up on your own needs, wants or desires. Unless you have the master blueprint, you can’t be certain where this particular relationship is meant to go or what you’re supposed to learn from it. Heed the symbolism and signs around you, use discernment at all times, and be prepared to accept the journey and its destination, even if you’d like it to end up some place differently.

Not everyone you meet will have the same spiritual knowledge or beliefs that you have. They might have zero knowledge of the esoteric. Be patient and accepting. Force feeding your beliefs will only have you both choking.

Remember, past life attraction can be taken out of context to reality easily, particularly if there are drugs or alcohol involved. The emotions you may feel are cathartic, but they don’t always demand action. Stay clear-headed and watch the signs and symbolism around you as you navigate this dynamic and multi-dimensional spiritual path.


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This Tarot spread and article was created by Donna L. Faber.

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