Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

Celtic cross tarot spread

Question about the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

Hello Avia,

I LOVE all your websites! I have a question about the meaning of the Celtic cross spread.

I’m specifically confused about the “above you” and “below you” positions (just above and below the center card) in the Celtic cross spread.

What does that mean? What’s below me? Above me? Try as I might, I just can’t seem to grasp this.

Can you help me understand?

Thanks Avia, for all you do!



Avia’s Response to the Question:
“Celtic Cross Tarot Spread”

Hi Varoushka,

Thanks for your positive feedback about the websites.

Here are some thoughts about the card placement meaning of the Celtic cross spread:

The “above you” card I interpret as a higher level of consciousness that we am aware of. This card can tell you what you really know about a situation and confirm the right course of action (you know how sometimes we really KNOW the right thing to do, but are unwilling to do it? That’s what this position can confirm). It also indicates higher intentions. In a problem-based spread, this upper position will clue you in on your higher self’s true (higher) intent for a solution to the problem. It’s the righteous and love-powered self that shines through this card. This position represents the positive-potential for enlightenment and growth in a situation (that is represented in the cards). It may also represent your higher self, your spirit guides, angels, or your personal ancestral energies that are protective and helpful.

The “below you” card I interpret similarly, only in polarity. That is to say, this position reveals clues into a situation/problem that you are NOT fully aware of, or that you are unwilling to accept or identify. This card will reveal lower-level energy cycling through your life, and will cue you into to ego-based intentions. Where the “above you” card is a higher ideal, the “below you” card is a lower level of ideals. It will reveal the attitudes and emotional settings within you that are keyed to dysfunction, ego, self-sabotage, or even outer influences you allow to defeat your progress. These elements are slippery, and we let them go unnoticed because it is difficult to face our shadow sides.



Example of Celtic Cross Spread Below

Celtic cross tarot spread
Example of Celtic cross Tarot spread

Comment on “Celtic Cross Tarot Spread” Question

From: Chris

Hi Avia!

Love your insights!

As to the question about the “above and below” I eventually eliminated them as I had the same problem as your other reader had. I just didn’t GET them!

You mention to make the cards your own, so what I did was simply not use those two placements and it works for me!

Keep up the amazing work!

Chris, New Jersey

From: Deborah

One of the things that I find most empowering about reading the cards is the beautiful fluidity of the experience. The individual cards and positions are in a state of becoming based on their relation to one another and the question at hand. Life is in a constant state of movement and the cards reflect this.

In general, I find it useful to think of the above and below positions as the foundation and the roof of the spread. It can vary so greatly depending on the querent and the question but, always seems to gel as the reading starts to unfold. The two positions and their respective cards resemble the seemingly disconnected sentence blocks in a scrambled story that start to make sense upon meditation and relation to the question and client at hand. Envisioning the tree of life, with its canopy overhead reaching upwards and it’s beautiful roots stretching downwards into Mother Earth is a powerful meditation tool I’ve found greatly helpful in readings.

The above position brings such questions as; what higher energy is at play here, what message for the seekers highest good is being conveyed, what energy about the situation needs to be closely looked at.

The below position often brings to mind the four pillar stones of a foundation for me. I often look at the card and observe such things as follow to gain deeper understanding as to its significance in the spread; is it upright or reversed, is it supportive or compromising, and, most of all, what vibes am I getting from it in relation again to the question at hand.

Looking at the patterns in the overall spread (suit repetitions, number repetitions, elemental repetitions, etc.) can also help to unlock the mysteries unfolding in the positions as well.

Blessings on your tarot journeys!

From: Avia Venefica

Hi! Thanks to everybody for all the input! I particularly appreciate the comments made about personalizing the Celtic cross spread. Tarot is a lot of things to a lot of people. Above all else, it’s extremely flexible and personal. Just as interpretations of the Tarot vary from reader to reader…so too do the structure/designations of the spreads.

Happy reading!


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