Four of Cups Meaning

Four Of Cups Meaning

About Four of Cups
Meaning in Tarot

The Four of Cups reminds us that we are the only limiting factor to our own endless gain. The Universe is a porous domain and from every orifice there dwells an opportunity for our highest advantage. It is up to us to open ourselves (uncross our arms), open our eyes (unleash our pineal-eye for a metaphysical view), and reach out to embrace all the enhancement that naturally flows to us (as depicted by the levitating/magically appearing cup in this card).

Keywords to the Four of Cups Tarot Card Meaning:

  • Ideas
  • Lessons
  • Isolation
  • Distance
  • Epiphany
  • Exclusion
  • Grounding
  • Incubation
  • Separation
  • Withdrawal
  • Acceptance
  • Perspective
  • Regrouping
  • Development
  • Contemplation

Furthermore, on the one side, we see the integration, union and potential elation expressed in the three cups gathered in the foreground (see meanings of the Three of Cups here). Yet, our central feature holds himself back while all around him stirs the magic, mystery, and infinite possibilities to experience life to its fullest – if only he would open his awareness to its presence.

Hanson-Roberts Four Of Cups-Pinecones

Part of the reason Tarot enthusiasts and scholars of all skill levels pour over different deck renditions is to gain different perspectives.

Inevitably, we encounter one image from a specific deck that rings our bells and unfurls a trove of symbolic treasure to our psyche.

What struck me most profoundly was the pinecones looming overhead of the featured character. Pinecones are also esoteric symbols of the pineal gland (indeed, this gland looks just like a pinecone) which has been counted as a mystical gateway to spiritual experiences. It is that groundbreaking symbol that is at the crux of this card’s meaning.

A few symbol meanings for the Four of Cups:

tarot symbol cloud meaning

Clouds: Clouds hold the symbol meaning of revelation. Consider out of the mists of our deepest thoughts suddenly an epiphany comes, a bright idea comes out from nowhere – this is the basic cloud symbol meaning. Depending on the card, clouds can also symbolize confusion or clouded judgment. Primarily, clouds represent higher thought and messages from the divine.

tree meaning in tarot

Tree: Trees speak to us of being rooted yet reaching for ever-higher vantage points on our journey through living this life experience. Trees also remind us of the words: “as above, so too below” spoken by Hermes Trismegistus and countless others which imply what moves in the ethereal produces as identical motion in the physical. We draw this symbolic connection with trees because their root system is visually similar to their branch system. We also gain symbolic understanding from trees by utilizing another quote: “A man may be judged by his fruits” – which begs the question, what kind of fruit are you producing? For more on esoteric tree symbolism click here.

Some other questions the Four of Cups asks us:

  • Am I aware of the state of well being that constantly flows to me?
  • What resistance am I putting forth that keeps me from joy and inspiration?
  • What if I tapped into my “psychic eye” and how would my vision be affected if I saw things through the eyes of the Universe?
  • Am I aware that everything I need for utter fulfillment is available to me and I am the only one holding myself back from it?
  • How can I move myself into a more free-flowing frame of mind in order to allow magnificent ideas and experiences into my life?
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