Cloud Meaning in Tarot

Cloud Meaning In Tarot

Cloud Meaning in Tarot

If we look for consistency in the cards, we will see clouds looming as a prominent feature in the ace cards of the Tarot. The reasoning mind says this has got to be a key. So, taking a look at the aces, we get the feeling of initiation, the beginning of a procession, the start of the parable that is the corresponding suit.

This kind of “initiatory” feeling combined with cloud meaning prompts a feeling of epiphany. Have you ever suddenly been struck “out of the blue” with an utterly delicious idea? From out of nowhere it comes – like magic! The aces of the Tarot reveal that kind of revelational feeling to me, and the clouds in these cards are always present – conveying that “out of nowhere” feeling of magic and wonder.

If you let your dreaming mind loose to wander about in the realms of clouds, you’re going to be saturated with loads of potential. BTW: Don’t let your analytical mind loose there – it will only find hydrogen and oxygen particles! Our rational minds have no use for clouds – it is our intuitive perception that is truly in its element (why else would such a cliché like “his/her head is in the clouds” be so fitting for a dreamer?). The relaxed, dreaming mind will find deep potential hiding in those puffy pretties in the sky.

Keywords for Cloud Meaning in the Tarot

  • Flow
  • Change
  • Nature
  • Dreams
  • Mystery
  • Thoughts
  • Inspiration
  • Imagination
  • Accumulation
Cloud Meaning In Tarot
Cloud Meaning In Tarot

To the subconscious, cloud meanings are replete with:

  • Mysteries waiting to be explored.
  • Deeper symbolism is ripe for the picking.
  • Cushy playgrounds exclusively designed for creative play/function.

Another consistency of clouds in the Tarot cards: They are predominantly seen in the suit of swords. This suit corresponds to the element of air which maintains esoteric symbolism of: Thought, Intellect and matters of the Mind. In this light, cloud meaning is clear even in the midst of foggy imagery. We have all experienced a “dark cloud of thought” looming overhead. Often, it is the landscape of our thoughts that make or break our overall demeanor.

We see some disheartening and dark imagery in the sword suit. It all boils down to errant thinking. Clouds, in this case often symbolize a harboring or accumulation of crumby beliefs/thought systems.

On the brighter side, there are other cards featuring full-flavored fun, hope and inspiration with clouds puffing happily in view (check the Lovers out). I like to think the bright side of these cloud meanings is an oracle, or a presence of divine communication.

There is a symbolic language spoken in all things, including airy-ephemeral clouds. It is our perception of them within the context of the environment that formulates translation.

I hope these thoughts on cloud meaning in the Tarot has stirred inner circulation and inspired you to new perceptions about those rolling beauties in the cards.

Links to Tarot cards featuring clouds:

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